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16 Kitchen Cabinet Organizers That Solve Any Storage Complaint

Make better use of storage space with these kitchen cabinet organizers.
By Jamie Novak, January 16, 2024
Ellen Delap, Professional Organizer Expert Article:... read article

“No matter the product, always declutter first,” Delap reminds us. “A well-organized space adheres to keeping only what you love and use. That applies to the kitchen with dishes and glassware. We love multiple sets of dishes, however often use fewer than we have. Excess pantry purchases can quickly overtake an organized space.”


5 Tips for Creating the Best ‘Productivity Zone’ In and Outside the Office

Your physical workspace can make a big difference in how productive you are and how easily distracted you can become.
By Cathy Cassata online January 27, 2023

ADHD Online Article:... read article

Delap shares the following tips for discovering your best productivity zone at work and home.”


Finding Your Holiday Spirit Through Self-Care

THE HOLIDAY SEASON is filled to the brim with activities and time together. There’s lots of excitement, not to mention lots of organizing and things to do. Your planning often is about taking care of others and insuring everyone’s happiness. This year we need to practice packing some extra self-care.
By Ellen Delap, December 2022 Article:... read article
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During the holidays we experience a range of emotions. Whether happy, sad, overwhelmed, or frenzied, it is good to name emotions. We can acknowledge what we are experiencing and process this. Give yourself time to pause. Check in with your feelings, acknowledge and sort through the reasons behind these. Manage your expectations and keep these in line with what you can physically and emotionally manage.


What to Wear Now? The Pandemic Closet Purge Is Under Way

Wardrobes filled with suits, formal shoes, purses, blazers and belts can feel like relics from another life
By Anne Marie Chaker in print Dec. 1, 2021 Page 1

Wall Street Journal Article:... read article

Closets these days are “like an archaeological dig,” Ellen says. “It’s not just putting on clothes. It’s much more than that,” she says. Suits, belts, purses and formal attire often go to consignment or to storage, she says. “People are seeking a simpler way to get out the door.”


2021 - Let's Make Time and Space for What's Important To You!

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap launched in 2000 in Houston, Texas. Ellen works one on one with clients making time and space for what is important to them. Her niche is working with individuals and families with ADHD in their home, at work, or virtually. She holds specialist certificates in Brain-Based Conditions such as ADHD and Chronic Disorganization, Family management certificates such as Household Management and Life Transitions, and Productivity certificates Work Place Productivity and Team Productivity. She is an Organizer Coach having completed the Coach Approach curriculum.

Listen to the podcast link below to learn more:


Home Organization: Tips from Professional Organizers

In our daily life, we all might experience stress from our jobs, finances, parenting, and other areas of our lives. Our home should be our refuge, a place where we feel safe and relaxed. Living in a messy, chaotic, and cluttered home can be stressful. When your home is cluttered, your mind can become cluttered too. A cluttered space might cause stress, impact productivity, and generally make household tasks more complicated. It can even affect your sleep.

Porch, Home Organization: Tips from Professional Organizers:... read more


12 Things Professional Organizers Declutter Every Day

You know how people always say that the littlest things can make the biggest difference? Well, it’s true, especially when it comes to keeping your home tidy!

12 Things Professional Organizers Declutter Every Day:... read more


18 Things Professional Organizers Never Buy

Don’t waste your money—or accidentally create more clutter. Here’s what you need to know to truly streamline your space.

18 Things Professional Organizers Never Buy:... read more


6 Simple Tips for Effectively Organizing your Kitchen during COVID-19

An organized kitchen makes it easier to cook solo and bring your family to cook together. When all family members know where the tools are, the preparation is easy to accomplish and share responsibilities. An organized kitchen helps you feel more comfortable preparing your meals for you and your family,” Ellen Delap, certified professional organizer, told Healthline.

Here are 6 simple tips to help you get your kitchen optimally organized:... read more


CNN Spring Clean and Declutter

It's what Ellen Delap, a certified professional organizer (there's a board for that), sees time and again. People she's helped are left with a new sense of hope.

"Right away, people see change in their environment," said Delap, of Houston, Texas, the current president of the nearly 3,500-member National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. "They feel their space is lighter."... read more


Early Bird Tax Filers

A routine is the key to success for one early bird.

In Houston, certified professional organizer Ellen Delap sent her personal return and business return information to her accountant earlier this month. The immediate past president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals expects her taxes will be filed by very early February.

Delap calls herself “a born organizer,” but says it’s a teachable ability. In her work, she helps female small business owners and entrepreneurs keep their commercial and personal lives organized. Part of the job is tracking down tax information throughout the year and centralizing it, whether in a paper file or a digital folder.... read more


Secrets of Getting Organized

All about Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology creates automation in your home so you don’t have to attend to things as frequently. It makes everyone’s life smoother because we don’t have to think about “Did I turn off the lights?”. As a result you are being proactive in terms of saving money and saving time in your day.


Clean Up and Get Organized

“This is the biggest get-organized and be-productive month of the year. It falls so naturally with our inclinations,” said certified professional organizer Ellen Delap, who is president of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. “Everyone’s doing it, and we’re all on the same page getting rid of stuff.”

Clutter accumulates in every room in nearly every home, and the reasons are fairly universal, Delap said.... read more


2018 - ADHD- How To Keep Your Act Together

If I’m not well organized, then nothing gets done, not on time anyway. Ellen organizes for a living!! She shares some very important advice, along with some time-honed tips & tricks with us today. You might wanna make some notes so you can remember. Here’s little more about Ellen. Enjoy!

Listen to the podcast link below to learn more:


How Hiring Help Made me Happier and Healthier

Delap looks at enlisting outside help as a team model, she says. Whether it's sending out laundry, hiring an organizer or cleaner or using meal preparation plans, “you're just enlarging your team,” she says, freeing your time to do what you do best.... read more


Here's a Way to Build a 'Capsule Wardrobe'

ABC 13, Build a Capsule Wardrobe, Ellen Delap, Professional-Organizer.


How To Declutter Your Home

ABC13, Declutter Your Home, Ellen Delap, Professional-Organizer.


Get Organized for New School Year

ABC13, Get Organized for the New School Year, Ellen Delap, Professional Organizer.


Take Command of Organizing Family Life

There are certain truths that become evident at back-to-school time for most of us: The kids still haven't stopped growing, and we need to update their comically ill-fitting wardrobes. The school supply list is longer, and the prices higher, than last year. The family is woefully disorganized.

Thank goodness for people such as Ellen Delap, a certified professional organizer in Kingwood, Texas, with ... read more


Tidy spaces can prevent kids from becoming overwhelmed and frustrated

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - If you're concerned that your child's perpetually messy room will cause him to grow up to be a disorganized, ineffective adult, rest easy. A tidy room isn't necessarily as crucial to a child's development as parents might expect, though it certainly does offer short- and long-term benefits.

"Is a messy room going to leave a kid less capable as an adult than they would have been otherwise?... read more

August 6, 2014, Reuters, » August 4, 2014, Reuters, Chicago Tribune, Parenting: Messy Rooms


Helping Someone with A.D.D. Get Organized
- Keeping You Organized a Podcast by SMEAD

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap gives strategies on how to help someone with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) get organized.


Closet Space & Systems

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap is a fan of closet systems. "It is an investment but is well worth it." She says once you start organizing, emotionally you will notice a difference!


Organizing tips for 2014

ABC 13, January 7, 2014

Getting Organized is Key for Successful School Year

ABC 13, $tretch Your Dollar, August 26, 2013

Organizing Your Child's Homework Station

ABC 13, August 5, 2013

Dollar Store Organizing Products

ABC 13, $tretch Your Dollar, April 1, 2013

Holiday Decorations

ABC 13, $tretch Your Dollar, November 3, 2010

Hoarding Can Inhibit Life, Experts Say

ABC 13, November 15, 2009 »

Ellen Delap, Various Videos, 2009-2014


Kingwood Woman Helps Women Dress For Success

By LINDSAY PEYTON Copyright 2013 Houston Chronicle, March 5, 2013

Ellen Delap is making a difference - one suit at a time.

"It's all about confidence," she said. "It's important to establish a professional image, and that's what a suit gives you."

This professional organizer is a big fan of Dress for Success Houston and recently brought the Send One Suit Drive to her Kingwood neighborhood to give residents a convenient spot to donate to a worthy cause.

She asked for interview appropriate suits for women who are entering the work force... read more


School Bells Will Be Ringing

By LANA BERKOWITZ Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle, August 5, 2011

Getting ready for a new school year can be a challenge even for the most organized child wranglers.

"Back-to-school time is stressful for both parents and children, and if you don't meet it head-on, it's one of those things that snowballs," says Kat Jacoby of Divine Organization. That's why the San Antonio professional organizer suggests that parents take a moment to get themselves organized before dealing with sleepyheads and facing stacks of paperwork the schools send home with each student.

"Children crave routine and consistency," Jacoby says. "As we get older, we like more excitement and variety and stuff in our lives, but, truthfully, children just like everyday routines. That makes them feel safe and secure and makes them flourish."... read more


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