Before and After Photos

Pantry Before

Pantry After

Office Supplies Before

Office Supplies After

Command Center Before

Command Center After

Storage Area Before

Storage Area After

Office Before

Office After

Office Space Before

Office Space After

Closet Before

Closet After

Linens Before

Linens After

Kids Room Before

Kids Room After

Kids Art Wall

Command Center Clipboards

Before Home Office

After Home Office

    Why Hire Ellen?
  • You want to manage your work better and improve your work life balance.
  • You're overwhelmed with clutter from a life transition, medical challenges or the passing of a loved one.
  • Your family needs better organization and routines.
  • You’re tired of shuffling paper, trying to find documents, or losing money on late fees.
  • You are a person with ADHD and wants to work with a professional organizer who has specializes in working with ADHD clients.
  • You want cutting edge organizing and productivity concepts
  • You want a trusted, confidential, non-judgmental partner to work alongside you to create your vision of organized.

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