Ellen helps you make time and space for what’s important to you!

Ellen affirms and motivates you by coaching, teaching, and training throughout your organizing and productivity sessions. She facilitates the challenges of decluttering, decision making and prioritizing with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance to enable you to achieve organizational tasks and productivity goals. Together you and Ellen create customized systems and routines. Sessions provide initiative, incentive and empowerment. All information shared between Ellen and her clients is strictly confidential.

Consultation Sessions

To begin the process, call or email Ellen to discuss your organizing challenges and needs. Set a date to begin work together. There is no need to do any preparation before the initial session.

The first session is a combination assessment and work session. Ellen meets with you in your home or office reviewing your strengths, challenges, priorities, and goals. You work together in your space for a 3 hour session. Your goal may require a series of sessions to accomplish. Between sessions, Ellen lovingly “assigns homework” which are baby steps enabling you to move forward on your project.

Virtual sessions follow the same process and are 1 hour in length. A minimum of four virtual sessions are recommended to accomplish your goals.



Managing multiple priorities and not accomplishing enough? New to your position or starting a new business? Ellen can help you prioritize, manage multiple projects and be more effective.

Paper Management and Filing Systems

Not sure what to keep, how long to keep papers and where to keep them? Ellen will work with you to personalize and create your ideal filing systems.

Electronic Filing Systems

Want to move to an electronic or cloud based filing system? Ellen will help you get started with a scanner and create files.

Home Office, Small Business and Office Organizing

Need help with your work space, desk area, paper management, project management, tax paper preparation, office efficiency and effectiveness? Work with Ellen to establish efficient and effective work flow in your home office or business.

Time Management

Tired of rushing through your day and feeling overwhelmed? Using a variety of options including calendars, lists, routines, and Microsoft Outlook, Ellen will help you find balance in your personal and professional life with her time management sessions.

Residential Organizing

Need help any space in your home or your whole house? Ellen can assist with your life’s transitions and desire to be organized.

Virtual Organizing

Work with Ellen from anywhere! Ellen will work with you by phone, facetime or photos to accomplish your organizing and productivity goals.

Organizing with Students

Does your student need help scheduling assignments and activities, time management, systems for papers and projects? Ellen assists students in prioritizing organization in their studies and maximizing their potential, resulting in better performance.

Assisting with Tax Preparation

Overwhelmed by papers and emails to prepare your taxes? Ellen can help you organize your documents and get them ready for your accountant.

Speaking Engagements

Ellen speaks on a variety of topics about organizing and productivity. She can tailor her presentation to your specific needs and audience.

    Ellen offers additional support throughout your work together with:
  • Coaching on your project through email and telephone
  • Assist with arrangements with area resources to disperse your donations
  • Itemization of your donations for tax or other purposes
  • Resource list for your use

Plan your session today with Ellen!