Ellen's Strategy

Ellen Delap, Certified Professional Organizer, Kingwood Texas.

Ellen affirms and motivates by coaching, teaching, and training throughout every organizing and productivity session. She facilitates the challenges of decluttering, decision making and prioritizing with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance to achieve organizational tasks and productivity goals. Together, with her clients, Ellen creates customized and personalized systems and routines. Sessions provide initiative, incentive and empowerment. All information shared is strictly confidential.

Services Available

Do you find that challenges with attention, such as ADHD or anxiety, affect your organizing or productivity goals? Ellen successfully coaches clients to use their creative resourcefulness, natural strengths and intuitive styles to create meaningful, lasting order and productivity in their home, work and lives.

Time Management

  • Create a customized calendaring system that optimizes your time
  • Determine a customized task management routine
  • Implement routines, delegation and automation
  • Combine work-life integration with personal time and professional life

Residential Organizing

  • Organize a single space or entire home to easily find items when needed
  • Decluttering techniques to feel comfortable and in control
  • Complete the unpacking process to create functional spaces
  • Move forward after a life transition by editing and organizing spaces

Family & Household Management

  • Manifest sustainable balance in your life and home
  • Release struggles with laundry, dinner and family routines
  • Strengthen family connections through collaboration and communication strategies
  • Establish simple systems and routines to manage family calendars and processes

Virtual Organizing & Coaching

  • Ellen successfully works with clients across the country.
  • Remote sessions are available by phone or video call to accomplish organizing and productivity goals.

Organizing with Older Adults

  • Organize paper workflow including mail, filing systems, insurance, banking, medical, and other paper work for peace of mind
  • Partner in paper and online bill paying and tax preparation to ensure timely payments and filing
  • Assist with personal technology including password management for security and online access
  • Work as a team with trusted financial advisors, family and medical team

Speaking Engagements

  • Ellen speaks on a variety of topics about organization and productivity.
  • She tailors her presentations based on specific needs and audiences.


  • Manage multiple projects with efficient systems and processes
  • Set and accomplish weekly, monthly, quarterly and strategic goals
  • Begin a new position or start a new business with structure and procedures
  • Learn tips for email optimization
  • Work from your strengths and add to your productivity tool box

    Small Business Organizing

  • Establish systems and processes that enhance effectiveness and efficiency
  • Organize your desk and work area to maximize productivity
  • Create a productive work flow for office use
  • Prioritize your projects and balance your administrative tasks
  • Ensure success through proven project management strategies
  • Streamline your systems to generate more revenue and save time

    Paper Management & Filing

  • Implement strategies to find papers quickly when you need them
  • Personalize and customize your paper workflow
  • Create a simple and sustainable filing system
  • Maintain a record retention schedule

Consultation Sessions

The process begins with a call or email to open a dialogue about organizing challenges and needs. A date is then set to begin work. No preparation is required prior to this initial session.

The first meeting is a combination of goal setting, assessment and work session. If local, Ellen travels to a home or office setting to review strengths, challenges, priorities, and goals. Then, she collaborates with the client and works within the space for a 3 hour session.

Goals may require a series of sessions to accomplish results. Between sessions, Ellen may suggest small individual steps that enable clients to significantly move forward on projects. She is also available for coaching through text and email. She will suggest outside resources as needed.

For virtual organizing and coaching, Ellen meets with you for a series of 6, one hour sessions to accomplish your goals. Additional sessions may be added as needed.

    Ellen's Philosophy

    Life is busy. Keep everything simple by creating straightforward, uncomplicated, easy solutions for a productive and organized life. Each individual does this in their own way and tapping into a natural style and strength makes life simple, organized and productive. Ellen helps her clients create a life that fits with their philosophy.

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