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Frequently Asked Questions about Me and Professional-Organizer.com

frequently asked questions


Want to learn a little more about me and my business?  I love to share details about my story.


As a former kindergarten teacher, being organized was my superpower. “Teaching” people how to organize with simple strategies could make life easier, less stressful, and more productive so they could do what they love most. In 2000, I read an article in the Houston Chronicle about professional organizing and our national association, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). That’s how my business started! In my work with clients, we streamline their time and space and create effective routines for an organized and productive lifestyle.


Giving back to our community is an important way to use my skills. Serving as a volunteer with local philanthropies helps others in our community.  Kingwood Women’s Club, Mothers Against Cancer, FamilyTime Purple Ribbon Luncheon and the Attention Deficit Disorder Association Southern Region are where I have served locally. I am a past president of our national association NAPO.


What do you love best to organize?


My business, Professional-Organizer.com is a productivity and organizing practice. As a Certified Professional Organizer, my work varies with each of my clients. Work can range from home organizing a closet or pantry, to office organizing clearing off a desk, to creating routines for a productive day at work.


In owning a business over 20 years, I am most proud of the connection I have with my clients. It’s rewarding to know I can help someone make a difference in their life each day. My non-judgmental, positive, calm approach helps my clients get started and make changes. What sets me apart is my mantra, “keep it simple sweetie!”


What is a day like as a professional organizer?


As a productivity and organizing professional, it’s natural for me to create structure and routines for my work and life. I know that consistency and communication are personal and professional strengths. My morning starts with a walk around our neighborhood, then on to work with my clients. I connect with clients by email, text and phone throughout the day in time blocks. The end of my day wraps up with time with my husband watching a Hallmark movie. For me it is all about meaningful work and spending time with people we love.

Is your home perfect?

There is a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s not perfect but it’s perfect for me!