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Really! Happy Holidays with ADHD

    The joy of the holiday season can be overshadowed by chaotic, frazzled, over-committed holidays. It is tempting to enjoy all the delights of the season. Holidays can be joyful by setting up strategies for organization and time management. Now is the time to set up systems that empower you and your family throughout […]

ADHD 2022 International Conference on ADHD

My work with my clients is my priority. And also my professional development, learning, and training. Continuing education and career training allow me to develop new skills, stay up-to-date on current trends, and advance our work together in sessions. It is my commitment to be on the leading edge of training for our work together. […]

ADHD Friendly Tips for Self Care

  Self-care is important for all of us and most especially those with ADHD.  Strategies for sleep, exercise, diet, and collaboration support and strengthen successful lifestyles. Even more so, there are other aspects of self-care that empower you. ADHD symptoms and associated stressors can be helped with attention to rejuvenation and   Acknowledging the value […]

ADHD Friendly Solutions to Productivity Challenges

    It is common for people with ADHD can have productivity challenges. It is hard to get started, stay focused, and complete tasks. Depending on the challenge, there is an ADHD Friendly solution to your productivity obstacle.   Challenge: Having trouble getting started Executive function challenges can prevent you from starting a task. Initiating […]