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Top Ten Categories of Clutter in Your Space

  I recently saw a list of top common clutter categories shared by my colleagues on my National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals site. The list is compiled of categories of items in people’s homes regardless of socioeconomic status that causes clutter. It was interesting to see where many people have challenges with clutter. […]

Happy Organizing While Traveling

  Post-pandemic travel is a lot like traveling by stagecoach; jostling along in a bumpy carriage. There are organizing strategies that will help you be comfortable and organized on your journey. Using apps for travel and packing keeps you organized while you travel.   Use apps for travel There are lots of changes before and […]

3 Project Management Tips for an Easy Household Move

  Getting organized for a move requires a project management approach. What’s useful are a timeline, extensive lists and a team approach to help you keep your sanity. Here’s how to put that into action.   Your Timeline Start with developing a timeline for your move. There is the actual move and the moving preparation.  […]

Saving Your Sanity before Moving

  Moving is at the top of stressful transitions in life.  With a little time and effort, you can make it easier and save your sanity with some preparation for your move.  These steps include recycling, decluttering, and re-organizing. Start with easy steps It might be surprising how much trash and recycling is in your […]

Virtual Organizing Series: Get Organized Today!

Get Organized TODAY!   Overwhelmed and paralyzed by clutter? Too many decisions about what to keep and not sure where to keep it? Join Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap in a 3 session virtual series Get Organized Today. Ellen will share tips on decluttering, creating a home for all your stuff, and how to keep […]

Honored by NAPO Founders’ Award

  At our annual National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Conference, I was honored with the Founders’ Award. The Founders’ Award is presented to a NAPO member, or a group of NAPO members acting in concert, for outstanding innovation, inspiration, and creativity both within, and outside of, the field of professional organizing and […]