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Starting the Year with Productive Processes

  Almost every task we do routinely can be improved with creating a process. A process it the standard way to do that task, whether it is laundry or email.  These systems and processes are a lot like automation. Doing these repeatedly the same way with the same steps makes for efficiency.   Why are […]

Start the Year with Connection

      Referred to by Dr. Edward Hallowell as Vitamin C (Connection), being supported and connected makes all the difference for our well being. Research shows that social connection improves physical health, strengthens our immune system and leads to overall longevity. It is easy to lose track of connections with the demands of family […]

Starting the Year with Self Care

No matter how busy you are, time for self care is an important priority.  It is easy to overlook and requires scheduling and routines. Make this intentional care taking that ensures you are at your best.   There are five types of self care to consider. Keep in mind your physical, social, mental, emotional and […]

Starting 2022 Clutter-Free

    Starting the year clutter free gives you the opportunity to live your best life throughout the year. During the last year, you may have purchased too much stuff, paper may have become overwhelming, and you may have lost track of our planner. There are many feelings that come into play with too much […]

Setting Holiday Priorities

    Every year we vow to simplify our holidays.  Starting with Thanksgiving, there are extra social and organizational responsibilities that require executive function skills. The best way to do this is by prioritizing. That can be difficult because everything seems important and meaningful. Focus on what matters most by using these strategies to help […]