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Favorite Blog Posts 2015

Each  year I love to learn what have been the favorite blog posts of the year. This year my blogging focused on ADHD, decluttering, organizing and productivity.


Here are the top 3 for 2015.


adhd organizing

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favorite organizing products

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6 Smart Strategies


At the close of 2015, I am grateful for your commitment to organizing, your following my blog and our connection!  Wishing you a wonderful 2016!


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Resilience and Organizing

resilience and organizing




Resilience is the ability to bounce back, overcome obstacles, work through a problem, get back on your horse.


Fall down seven times………. get up eight.


There are times we feel that we can’t just get up that last time. That’s when resilience comes into play.  We have all experienced that feeling.  It’s a powerful combination of tenacity, flexibility, and resourcefulness.


We can build resilience.  By creating structure for your time, making connections with others, and  keeping an optimistic and hopeful perspective are all contributors to resilience.


Structure for your day should include taking good care of yourself. This way you have the physical ability to bounce back. This includes a good bedtime to get a good night’s rest, proper nutrition including lean protein,  and moderate exercise regularly.


Staying connected to others is important. The vitality of others makes you more energized too!  Ask for help when you are finding solutions to work through a problem and gather resources that will make that decision easier.  Be one to offer help and be about others in working to better the world around you, such as by volunteering or small acts of kindness.


Your perspective can make the biggest difference! In a recent speaking engagement, several audience members came up and mentioned that they realized they are MORE organized than they thought!  Optimism and positivity spring from gratitude. Find small ways you are grateful daily, whether it is writing in a journal or reviewing this mentally as you drive around town.  Joy and happiness can come from the smallest of moments, whether seeing a beautiful sun rise, smelling a fresh flower, spending time with a friend, or sitting quietly.  Bundle all of this together and out springs hope! That is when resiliency blooms!


Resilience is not only a matter of perspective, it’s also a matter of organizational strengths.  Having strong organizing skills makes it easier for you to be resilient.


If you are facing an obstacle  whether it’s organizing or not, what are your steps toward overcoming it and being resilient?


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Rejuvenation and Renewal


Taking time to rejuvenate is something I share with all women.  We are constantly nurturing others and need to “put on our own oxygen mask first.”  This is exactly what I did this weekend as I attended my college reunion last weekend.

I am a lover of learning and am always eager to return to school. My Smith College reunion afforded me this opportunity in many ways. On Friday evening I attended a session on Supporting our Children with LD/ADHD as They Launch. Sharing information and learning from moms in the “trenches” was empowering to everyone.  On Saturday we learned from former Smith College President Jill Ker Conway about taking the next step as women.  It is all about thinking outside the box and finding ways and places to make a difference using our strengths and skills.  Our final speaker was writer Katrina Kenison, author of the gift of an ordinary day.   It gave each of us the opportunity to examine our focus as women moving through motherhood and onto the next step. You can tell the growth that occurred as women looked to each other to provide coaching to move forward.  

It was an extraordinary weekend of empowering each other.  I seldom saw others texting or using technology. Women were sharing how to connect on Facebook! We were all engaged in the lives of each other, where we are now and where we are headed.  Engaged women discussed politics, history, economics and the important details of homes, families and current events.  

And most importantly it was a fabulous family weekend.  My twin sister Ann and I both graduated from Smith, so one of the best parts of the weekend was sharing moments together.   Each morning we would take a brisk walk about the beautiful campus together.  It was especially meaningful to walk on campus on Saturday night during illumination.  

I want to encourage you to find ways to nurture yourself through the things you are passionate about! Learning from other women, supporting each other as we move forward, and being in an amazing environment is something we each need.  I would love to hear how you are making this happen in your life!

Eva’s Note

Not sure what this note is? My four year old grand daughter Eva wrote it last week for herself. It says “choir.”  She said to her Mom and me, “I want to be sure I remember that I have a choir performance on Sunday.”  She wrote several of these notes through out the week to herself, each more adorable than the next.

There really is something to modeling organizing! Eva sees her Mom, Dad, Paps and Gigi (that’s me!) write notes to ourselves to remember things all the time. She sees us make lists for grocery shopping, dinner menus, recipes, and dates in our calendars.  It was very natural for her to want to help herself remember in this way.

 Eva and her mom decluttered her closet last week too. Eva brought her outgrown clothes to a friend at school to share.  She was especially excited to share a pink tutu with a dance friend.  Eva is already starting to recognize how to organize her closet!  

 Next time you are thinking about your family and getting organized, remember how powerful your actions are.  Moms often ask me how can they help their children get organized.  It is all about your being a role model for all types of organizing.

What powerful actions are you sharing with your family?