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Summer Self Care


summer self care

This summer let’s thrive on self care where we rejuvenate all summer long! Summer is beckoning us outside to enjoy more Vitamin D, fresh air and greenery. Make this your summer of self care.


Read or listen to a book

Take a cue from the many book clubs and grab a summer bestseller. You can read an audio book too. Choose your favorite genre to enjoy.


Hydrate with fresh fruit and a beverage station

Add berries or cucumber to your usual tumbler of water.  Keep a pitcher of water handy with lemon slices floating in it. Add fun to festivities with a summer beverage station, including adult and kiddo beverages for you and your playmates to enjoy.


Exercise outside

Summer is the perfect time for an early morning walk since it’s light much earlier. You can find a water exercise class to end your day. Remember your sunscreen and bug spray too.


Enjoy the seasonal green stuff

Head to a Farmers’ Market, a berry farm or grow a garden. Nurturing ourselves by cherishing our food reminds us of where we get our food is important.  We are for sure what we eat. Fluff up a salad for lunch and dinner to get all your 5 a day veggies.


Disconnect from your devices

Having time away from technology helps clear your mind.  Set your device aside for a certain amount of time. You can unplug for an hour or a day, whatever feels more freeing.

Take a day off

Be in touch with your younger self with a list of summer fun. Don’t forget making homemade ice cream, taking a trip to a water park, enjoy a day at the beach or the pool, make s’mores, or do something special that reminds you of summer camp.


Meet a friend for a picnic

Gather up treats and head to a shady park to meet a friend for lunch or an early dinner. Be a support and get support while you catch up on news.


Be creative

Summer invites us to be more artistic and creative.  Choose fun art mediums like water colors or chalk for self expression. Snap some artistic photos with your smart phone. Keep it simple and easy to be creative.


Start a new interest

Have you wanted to paint pottery, play the guitar or take up scuba?  Start a new interest during the summer. With the longer daylight, it feels like there is more time in the day.


Vacation or Staycation

Pull out your calendar right now and schedule time away. That time can be physically away or away from work.  Setting the date is the first step to really committing to time off the grid. Prep for your time away a week ahead with lists, packing, and organizing. While away, stay in the moment and enjoy the time.


11 Summer Routines


summer organizing routines



It’s summer and we love the lack of routines. There are some days we can stay in pajamas all day and play unlimited. The change of seasons is best when you create new routines that suit the season itself. Summer routines makes the season more fun! Check out these 11 routines that make life better.


1. Set a bedtime.

Even in the summer it’s best when everyone gets a great night’s rest. When everyone is in bed, parents can shut off their lights early too.


2. Start or end the day with a bike ride or a walk.

Get moving this summer with time for exercise. The days are longer so you can take advantage of the cooler summer dusk to get outside.


3. Set tech limits.

It’s easier to set limits at the beginning than nag all summer. Your limits can include using a timer so when the bell rings, it’s time to get started on something else.



4. Eat 3 fruits and veggies each day.

Summer brings lots of great vegetables in season. Try something new like a mango or kiwi. Pick your own blueberries or strawberries.



5. Brain boost with flash card, a workbook, or tech games.

It takes up to 2 weeks to review when school begins.  Keep your kids brains fresh all summer. Join the fun by learning too!



6. Read every day. It can be a book, a blog, or a magazine.

Read together as a family so you all spend time together. Talk about what you read to share information of all types.



7. Set aside weekly down time.

Summer is our time to unwind. Intentionally plan time to do nothing. You will be surprised how refreshed you feel and less stressed too. Mark off those days on your calendar to be sure they stay open.



8. Establish ways your family can help around the house.

Helping prep and cook dinner, taking out the trash, and laundry are ways kids can be more involved during the summer. There’s fewer school responsibilities so add in a few for your home.


9. Declutter a little at a time.

Just 15 minutes to declutter drawers, under the sink, and other small spots around the house. Have your kids declutter their own rooms. It’s a time your kids can assess what’s most important to them and share their blessings with others. This is especially helpful if there are summer birthdays in your home.


10. Play games and do puzzles.

Hopscotch, Monopoly, Bingo, Old Maid and many other games are great family fun. Our kids don’t always know there are other games besides technology.


11. Practice gratitude together.

Gather together each day to share what you are grateful for. It can be through a conversation at dinner or a gratitude journal. Knowing that we are blessed by our family and friends helps us all be more positive.



Keep hydrated with plenty of water. Have a camelback water thermos for each kid and yourself. Keep it refilled all day long and carry it with you. We all need lots of hydration during the summer.



Your summer routines add a little structure to busy days. When everyone shares the routines in their home, life runs more smoothly. What routines can you start this week at your family meeting for summer?


What summer routines are in place at your home?


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Got Summer? Get Going!

Summer is that lazy, hazy time, when we really like to kick back! But this is a great time to get going with your family fun, something that may have been sidetracked during the school year.  Family fun can be simple, 50s style, easy activities. However, it takes making a plan to have this happen!

Gather your family together to brain storm what is most important to each person.  Family members need to each have one special activity for the summer.  Get out your calendar and write these in. Otherwise, summer will be over before you know it.  Not only are  you modeling great time management skills, you are making great summer family memories too!

Stumped on ideas for fun?  Here we go!

  • Homemade ice cream
  • Ice cream sundae party
  • Board games
  • Sprinklers galore
  • Bike rides
  • Popcorn and movie night
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Bake cookies
  • Walk a nature trail
  • Pick berries
  • Grow a garden
  • Volunteer at a thrift shop
  • Bubbles
  • Side walk chalk art

 All of these affordable ways to have fun take just a few minutes of preparation, but you will be thrilled you did!

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Six Steps to Summer Success

Summer is just around the corner!   For our family that means time by the pool, time to relax and time for family fun!  The key to summer is knowing what works for your family.  

1.       Keep a routine that works.  Everyone still needs a good night’s rest and great yummy healthy food!   Delicious summer treats include berries and berry smoothies, low fat high protein hot dogs or burgers on the grill, and ice cold watermelon.  Keep bedtime routines consistent with a little later time, but still with a routine.

2.       Family fun includes fun place to go!

Houston Children’s Museum                www.cmhouston.org 

Houston Zoo                                        www.houstonzoo.org

Berry picking                                        www.pickyourown.org

Nature Discovery Center                      www.naturediscoverycenter.org

Lunar and Planetary Institute              http://www.lpi.usra.edu/

Galveston beaches

Area parks

3.       Let’s continue learning this summer too!  Visit the public library once a week, learn a new educational computer game, play chess, RISK or monopoly board games, plant a garden, or take care of a pet.  There are so many experiences to explore.  And don’t forget to include writing and math too in what you do, from baking a cake to journaling about summer travel.

4.       Swimming and summer are a natural! But also add in hiking, biking, walking, jogging, skating and other outdoor activities. Take advantage of cooler morning and evening temps for outside fun.

5.       Summer is the time for creativity.  Encourage your young artist with sidewalk chalk, water color paints, paper mache, crafty creations, and other artistic mediums. The wonderful aspect of creativity is that there is no “wrong” way to express yourself.        

6.       Include more down time in your week. The summer is the best time to kick back and relax. Take a break from the harried and hurried school routines by having more time for talking and just being around the house.   Have summer be the time for family and friend connections.

What are your summer success stories?