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Spring Organizing for Busy Families: How to Get Organized Without the Stress

spring organizing for families


As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, the arrival of spring is a sign that it is time for organizing. However, with our busy schedules of work, school, and extracurricular activities, finding the time and energy to tackle this project can feel overwhelming. Here are some practical tips and time-saving strategies so busy families can streamline their efforts and achieve the goal of an organized home.


Create a plan

Before starting, take time to assess your priorities and set realistic goals. Identify the areas of your home that require the most attention and focus your efforts there. Break down the process into manageable tasks so that even with a packed schedule you can accomplish your goals. Typically the areas that need the most effort are bedrooms, kitchen, entryway, and garage. Create a manageable plan that fits into your routine. Whether you prefer to tackle one room at a time or dedicate a specific day of the week to organizing a structured plan will be a commitment to the goal.  Involve everyone in your family and assign age-appropriate tasks to share the workload and foster a sense of teamwork. Help everyone learn the skills of time management and organizing by working together and sharing the responsibility.


Declutter First

Clutter can quickly accumulate in busy households, making it difficult to clean and organize effectively. Before diving into deep cleaning tasks, take the time to declutter and purge unnecessary items from your home. Encourage family members to donate or discard items they no longer need or use, helping to create a more streamlined and clutter-free living environment.


Make organizing fun

With busy schedules, organizing often comes last in priority. The best way to overcome this is with a fun approach to reaching your goal. Look for opportunities to incorporate tasks with music and games. Tidying up with a playlist and assigning levels of accomplishment to decluttering can make everyone feel more engaged in the process. An example of gamification might be Level 1 trash pick up gets 5 points, Level 2 decluttering gets 10 points, and so on to reach a reward level that “unlocks” a prize.


Remember self-Care

It’s essential to prioritize self-care to have the energy to organize. Establish break times, stay hydrated, ask for help, and have healthy snacks.  Your goal will require spreading out tasks over several days or weeks to avoid exhaustion. Celebrate your progress along the way and reward yourself and your family for a job well done.


Spring organizing doesn’t have to be a source of stress for busy families. By setting realistic goals, creating a schedule, decluttering, and prioritizing self-care, you can tackle spring organizing confidence and ease. With a little planning and teamwork, you’ll have your home sparkling clean and organized in no time, with time to get outside and enjoy the season.

Bring Spring

Bring spring


It’s been an extra long winter for us in Houston this year. With real snow, cold temps and dreary rain, we’re ready to bring spring. When we think of spring we think of fresh.  Bring spring into your home by freshening up and organizing.  A checklist also helps you keep every nook and cranny decluttered and organized. Getting organized is the best way to get out the old and start fresh.  This short list of areas in your home will help you bring spring into your domain.



The entry is where everyone drops everything as they enter.  It’s probably currently a collection of gloves, scarves, and boots.  Match it all up and get it back to it’s long term storage solution, which is best the back of an auxiliary closet in your home.


Guest room

Has your guest room become a dumping ground for returns, extra holiday wrapping paper or things you have yet to decide on?  It’s time to spend time clearing this space out, freshing up the bed linens and getting this room back to a welcoming space for friends and relatives.


Laundry room

One of the busiest and most neglected rooms in your home is your laundry room.  Have winter linens, single socks or just too many clothes gotten stuck in here?  Dig out with a few minutes of donating or distributing what’s stuck and reclaim efficiency here.


Master closet

Winter has about concluded. Now is the perfect time to let go of the winter clothes not worn.   Since this was one of our more serious winters, if you did not wear a heavy sweater, pants or other garments, it’s the time to donate what you are avoiding wearing. It’s a quick scan of what you have not worn, dropping the items into a shopping bag, and then off to your car to bring them to donate.

Dont forget your home away from home, Your Car

Your car has collected not only trash but lots of random books, clothes and other stuff this winter.  It’s time to run by the car wash for an interior cleaning.  Taking care of our valuable asset will also make us feel like we took an extra step of care.


Just like you, I am ready to bring spring into my home, office, and car!  Take time this weekend to welcome spring, get organized and enjoy your refreshed spaces!


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Fresh Start Spring Organizing

fresh start spring organizing


With small green buds peeking out from the trees, or maybe just many feet of ice melting, spring is around the corner (thankfully.)  It’s been a long winter of nesting. We may be especially looking forward to the change of seasons.  We want to get started on our spring organizing.


“Reset” frequently used spots

It’s time to recheck those spaces that are frequently used in your home. Those spots are the landing strip and command center.  The landing strip is where all your bags and backpacks land each afternoon.  Get this area back into shape by distributing what needs to go elsewhere in your home.  Pull out the mittens, scarves and boots and place them back in closets for next year.  Your command center is paper central for all incoming papers.  Review what is there, recycle and shred what is not needed.


Closet renovation

Another season has passed and you know there are lots of unworn items in your closet.  Before you do your season switch out, get started by pulling out, donating and consigning unworn items.  It will make room for spring and summer, as well as help you lighten up your space.  If clothes have gotten out of whatever order and organization is best for you, go back in and realign.  You may find even more to eliminate after this is reorganized.


Linen reorganization

Spend a few minutes reviewing your linens. Do you have too many blankets and sheets for your needs?  Let go of extra blankets, pillows and older linens.  Take these out to donate and create space. Have towels that are ripped or not a color the coordinates?  Move these out to the garage for spills.     Fluff up your bed by switching out to lighter linens.  Let go of those extra decorative pillows (that you don’t place on your bed daily) and simplify your bedroom.


Fresh start your pantry

Spring and summer are about fresh veggies. Make room for this in your kitchen, refrigerator, freezer and pantry.  Go through and discard expired foods.  Set up spaces that are designated for categories of food, like breakfast, dinner and snacks, so you can easily plan and make meals.  Label your shelves for easy access and putting groceries away.  It’s a great way to welcome spring, improve your eating habits, and make wellness choices easy.

happy spring daffodils


Finish up your fresh start with a new plant or flowers in your kitchen.  It’s a lovely reward for your hard work!  A fresh start for your spring organizing is a great way to be ready for the season.


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Spring Forward

Spring forward spring organizing


Each morning I am noticing the sun rising earlier, indicating it’s almost time for us to Spring Forward with a time change. While not something easy to embrace, the extra sunshine at the end of the day is a bonus.   What ways can we use that daylight hour to Spring Forward take better care of ourselves as well?  Here’s a few ideas I have.

Sunny, happy times

Research shows the value of sunshine on our emotional well being. Longer days mean more sunshine.  Sunlight cues seratonin, boosting your mood, helping you be calm and helping you stay focused.  Getting 15 minutes of sunshine boosts Vitamin D which helps bone health.


Time for exercise

Studies show that walking 10,000 steps in a day helps us keep active both physically and mentally.  With busy days that start early, the sunny evening time is great for a walk. Walking with your partner and kids is a bonus time for communication and sharing what’s happened that day.


Time for dinner

Longer daylight hours give us extra time to prepare dinner. Sitting down to dinner during daylight energizes you and your family.  The Family Dinner project shares ways to include easy meals to help you get dinner on the table.


Routines that make the most of extra daylight

  • End your day with meditation with the Headspace app.
  • Create a checklist for routines with dinner, including family members cooking and cleaning together.
  • Plan time for exercise with a family walk or bike ride.
  • Create a good sleep routine by stopping technology an hour before bedtime, keeping your bedtime the same, and keeping clutter out of your bedroom.
  • Spend 15 minutes with spring organizing at the end of your day.  Daylight will keep you energized.


By embracing this change, like all other changes, you will find more order and productivity in your day.




Spring Organizing: Its the Little Things: Junk Drawer

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