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Organizing Products That I Love


Although the answer to organizing challenges is not more bins, there are organizing products I love. These are products that are universally useful throughout your home, office, or work place. Declutter first so you know what products you need. Remember to label to be sure to maintain your space. Happy Organizing!



Drop front boxes available at Amazon

Drop front boxes are available at Amazon. Useful for more than just shoes! Stack in any closet or high shelf for easy storage.


brother label maker

Brother Label Maker is available at Amazon. Label anywhere in your space for better maintenance and access.


Clear pantry bins are available at Amazon. Useful for storage in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or storage closet to see what you have. Label these bins to keep them organized.


Vertical bins are available at The Container Store. These unique storage containers can be used in any space for medicine, papers, or other items.


This rolling utility cart is available at Amazon. Use this cart for your office, crafts and more.


15 Favorite Organizing Products

favorite organizing products


There are so many organizing products available everywhere. It can be confusing and overwhelming.  It’s about size, proportion, color, clear and so many more choices.  In addition you probably have a lot of organizing products at your home that you can reuse like baskets, bins or even shoe boxes. I put together this list of favorite organizing products to share some basic products that I love and that make a difference for you!


shoe organizing

shoe grid


This shoe organizing grid works wonders under your short hang items. You can put this at the back door to create a faux mud room.  It’s great for kids shoes in their closets too.


closet organizing

slim line hangers


Not a luxury anymore, these slim line hangers are a necessity to organize your closet.  Your clothes all hang at the same height.  It makes your closet look like Neiman Marcus!


closet organizing

three drawer cart or drawers

Some times a little extra drawer space or a cart can add storage in an area.  Three drawer carts give you space to categorize too.  This cart can be used in the kitchen to store kids’ art supplies. It can be used in your kids’ toy area to store dollies, dolly dresses and dolly accessories.  It can be used in your kid’s closet for undies, jammies and leggings.


command hooks

command hooks

Need an extra hook for a backpack or purse? Want to add a hooks on a bathroom door?  Here are command hooks to the organizing rescue!

Sterilite shelving organizing

plastic portable shelving


Portable plastic shelving helps you take advantage of vertical space. You can use this in an attic, basement, garage or under the stairs closet.  It can be 3 to 5 shelves tall.  You can use several side by side. It takes organizing to new heights.


home organizing

IKEA Expedit or Kallax


Inexpensive cube storage from IKEA makes it easy to organize. Using this product, you have ample storage that can be used creatively and functionally.  It can be used in an office, kid’s room, toy room, or any space that needs additional storage.  Check out the many different uses here on my pinterest page.


kitchen organizing

shelf helper


We never have enough kitchen storage.  It’s great to add this shelf helper to store dishes in your cabinets where it’s not adjustable.



plastic shoe box


This versatile product can be used over and over in your home. It can store floppy spice packets in the pantry, toys in the play room, school supplies in the office and more.  Be sure to label the top and 2 sides to maintain your organization.



label maker

Our lives are better with a label maker! You can use these throughout your home and office to be sure everyone, including you, knows where things belong.


file organizing

file cart

It’s easiest to file when you have your files nearby. Add great file organization with a cart.


office organizing

office media storage

We have fewer and fewer cds or disks to store, however offfice media storage makes an attractive. You can use this for music, photos or operations disks.


paper organizing

paper command center

A desk top sorter is the best paper command center.  These attractive organizing products make it easy to drop in papers and retrieve when you need them, keeping your desk clear and functional.


Office Candy paper organizing tote

paper organizing tote

Taking your work on the road? This paper organizing tote (from Office Candy) makes it easy to stay organized on the go.


productivity and organizing



This elephant makes your life more productive. Evernote is an online tool to keep lists, tag websites, and more.  It’s an app for all your devices.


productivity and organizing



Simple to use, this Note on  your smart phone gives you a post it note wherever your phone is!


planner and organizing

Planner Pad

Planner pad is a designed to consolidate your lists and your planner. This planner helps you keep your life organized with slots for your lists, slots for your daily list and slots for your appointments.  It’s unusual features make it a favorite for those with ADHD.


That’s a wrap up of my favorites! Here’s more!

What are your favorite organizing products?


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Free Smead SuperTab Folder

Thank you for being a part of my community!  As a gift to you, I’d like to provide you with a Free Smead SuperTab Folder for organizing your paperwork.  SuperTab folders have nearly double the labeling area of standard folders so you can use larger text or more lines of description.  To get your free SuperTab folder, go to www.smead.com/SuperTabSample now.  Hurry, these won’t last long!  Thanks again for following me and I look forward to continuing to provide you with great content!

Favorite Organizing Products

These are a few of my favorite things!

Love label makers! These make everyone’s life easier!  You can find where it is, where it goes and everyone in the family can put things away.  Dymo Letra Tag and Brother P Touch are my faves.

Desktop paper sorters come in lots of styles. My favorites open from the top and have hanging files in them. The hanging file categories include action, pay, file and other every day paper slots. Choose one that matches the decor of your room.

One of my favorite “outside the box” ideas is to use the hanging shoe organizer in lots of different places. These are great at the back door for bug spray and sunscreen, great in the craft room for all the small tools, glues and attachments, great in the toy room for Barbie or hot wheels and great in the kids room for hair bows.   You can see everything, you can reach most things and it is an unused space that provides for storage.

What are your favorite things?

Latest and Greatest Organizing Products (NAPO Organizing Expo 2010)


  • Love lists and don’t want to reinvent them? Then ListPlanIt is for you!   I was thrilled to meet Jennifer Tankersley and purchase a professional subscription to ListPlanIt.   To quote their website, “ It is a place where those who simply love lists and those in need of a little assistance in mental organization can both find what they need.”  Purchase it at www.listplanit.com
  • For organizing knick knacks, crafts, or small toys, Ziploc® Brand products help you get more out of anything you want to store. Find these at http://Ziploc.com
  • Modular canisters make a big difference for our humid Houston weather!  As it says on the Rubbermaid website, “remove those bags and boxes of pasta, cookies, chips, baking supplies, etc. and put your ingredients into Modular Canisters whose space efficient design maximizes shelf space. Lids snap tight for a secure seal to help keep items fresh.”  Find these at www.rubbermaid.com.
  • I love labelmakers! Here is the newest one from Dymo.  It looks so sleek, so stylish and so user friendly.  And it makes finding your stuff so easy, as well as fun!  Find it at www.dymo.com
  • Other favorites include clutterfreebox.com for storage and pursepurfector.com for the most organized purse ever!   

 Have a product you love? Share it with me and what you love most!