Hugs and happy organizing: Bathroom Organizing

Hugs and Happy Organizing Bathroom

Hugs and happy organizing are client success stories.  Here’s a story about a client’s bathroom and bathroom organizing.


Bathrooms are busy places! It’s where you get ready in the morning to get out of the house quickly and easily.  Bathrooms are also where there’s a lot of potential clutter. There’s hair, makeup and products galore.  What’s a girl or guy to do?

  • Decide what you want your bathroom sink area to look like when you are done. Are you a minimalist or someone who like to see what you are using.
  • Know what you use every day and keep it easy to access.  Use drawers for easy access with one category in each drawer or all your items in one drawer.  This keeps it easy to find and use.
  • Keep extra products together by category. A category can be by body part (body lotions, face products, dental products).  It can also be by frequency of use ( daily, monthly, hardly ever.)
  • Use under sink organizers to tame this chaotic space.  By creating specific slots for specific items, your cabinet looks and is more organized.
  • Let go of products you are not using or are old.  Here’s tips on how long to keep different products.   It’s hard to do, but important to keep from infections.

Wishing you all the best as you do your hugs and happy organizing!

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    Seems to me like most of the bathrooms I work in lack sufficient storage or structure, though not always space. I agree that a sleek bathroom is attractive, but for most people, there is a fair amount of stuff to be kept in the bathroom. Investing a bit in a busy bathroom is well worth the effort!

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    That’s a good point! While there is storage, it’s not well utilized. Having a small shelf helper can be a big factor to use the height under a sink.

    Thanks for your reminder!

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