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Holidays + Family Games

holidays and family games


Family time is our most precious time. The holidays give us time to be at home or away together. Our family loves puzzles and games while we visit or travel. It has become a fun way for us to spend time together over the holidays.


There are more reasons to play family games. Research has found that playing games together supports more effective, open family communication and a greater sense of family cohesiveness. For families with ADHD,  games help to build skills like working memory, recall, focus, and strategic planning.


Here are a few of our favorites. These make great gifts too if you are searching for family gifts this season.

Puzzles for all ages

No matter how old your family members are, many people love puzzles. This quiet activity gives everyone an equal opportunity to participate. We have a puzzle out every holiday season throughout our time together.

Digital games

If you are waiting on travel in an airport or stopping overnight on the way, digital games are a fun way to spend time together. These are free and available for download from the App store on either Android or Apple phones.

  • Psych, trivia and a word game.
  • Heads Up, a guessing game.


Board games

Here are a few of our favorite family games at home.

  • Do You Really Know Your Family? 
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Apples to Apples
  • Monopoly

Card games

Favorite card games of our family include Uno and Crazy Eight. For more sophisticated games there is Mafia, Seven-Up, and Speed.


Host a family game night during your holiday vacation, including snacks and hot cocoa. The time together will bring lots of laughs.