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Hugs and happy organizing: Master Bedroom Closet

Hugs and happy organizing is all about sharing client success stories.  Here is a short story about master bedroom closet organizing. 


hugs and happy organizing master closet


Nothing’s more important to starting the day easily than organizing your master closet.  But it can be difficult to part with expensive clothes and shoes.   Sometimes we are completely overwhelmed with the task when working on our own.  Push through your resistance and start your closet organizing.

  • Start with the floor.  Keep only what makes you feel or look fabulous.  Bring in bags to drop items in to donate.  Keep items on hangers for consignment. Ask yourself, would you buy it again today?
  • Decisions about shoes depend on comfort and wear.  Well worn loved shoes and unworn uncomfortable shoes should be the first to go.
  • Group items by category, either by color, size, style or where it’s worn.  Set up an area for clothes that are not too dirty but have been worn once or twice.  Have a routine for rewearing or hanging these back.
  • Your closet looks best with consistent hangers (affiliate link).  Whether it’s slim line or white tube hangers, your clothes pop when everything hangs at the same height and one color hanger.
  • Choose a shoe organizing product that works with the space you have.  The product should be able to house all the shoes you have currently.
  • Set up a laundry routine that works with your newly organized space.  Doing laundry more frequently is easier with smaller loads. You can complete the laundry cycle in a shorter time frame too.


Hugs and happy organizing is all about client success stories. Here you will find a craft and sewing room organizing success story. – See more at: https://professional-organizer.com/WordPress/category/hugs-and-happy-organizing-2/#sthash.9nr5nfLt.dpuf

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– See more at: https://professional-organizer.com/WordPress/category/hugs-and-happy-organizing-2/#sthash.Sg3AW5WW.dpuf