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Organizing Tools: Plastic Storage


All too often I find that people view organizing as “I just need more bins!”  Sorry to say, this is not the real solution! However, great bins do make a great tool for organizing.

  • Use clear plastic, consistent size bins for your organizing.  Consistent sizes are shoebox size, medium size, and 66 quart size. Consistent sizes helsp to can stack bins, easily.  With consistent sizes you can move them around your home and office where needed and interchange their uses. 
  • Color code the bins for specific storage.  We all love the green and red bins for Christmas and the orange bins for Halloween. You can extend this concept to pink for spring and Easter, a color for each person in your home, or a color for the attic or basement.
  • Label 2 sidese and the top of the bins. Even with clear bins, it is more visual.  A bin “index” can help too!

Image courtesy of Rubbermaid. Its the new Rubbermaid Clever Store!