5 Tips and Tricks for Time Management


time management


Are you at a loss at the end of a busy day and feel like you have accomplished nothing? Feel distracted by interruptions including co-workers and email?   Whether you work at home or work outside the  home, it’s time to be proactive about your time.  It’s the distractions and interruptions that take away a lot of our time, as well as the last minute requirements from those around us.  Here are 5 tips and tricks for time management to get you started on difficult tasks and project.


Time assessment

It can be hard to know how long a project will take.  Mapping out a plan can help.   Write out each step and the amount of time it will take to complete.  Assign completion dates, including the final completion date.  Get started on your project by breaking this into manageable pieces on your calendar.  Start early to give yourself a buffer.

Time blocking

Setting a specific time can help you start or complete a project. Just like an appointment with a doctor,  setting an appointment with yourself helps you work on a specific task.  Block out the time and keep it sacred to use for a task that requires lots of brain power.  Start with the first time slot of the day so you can be sure nothing interrupts you too.

Day of the Week

Our jobs require so many different activities and focus.  Set a day of the week to do a certain task or project all day.  It might be Money Monday or Financial Friday.  By having a priority for the day, you can put aside other details and distractions.  Or leave Monday or Friday open just to close the loops and projects.


A time timer or kitchen timer can help you start or finish a task.  Set it for 15 minutes and just do it.  Set the timer three times like this and you have worked 45 minutes total.  If you need more time,  start this process again the next day.

Power periods

My favorite tip for starting and completing projects is a power period. It is a one hour slot of uninterrupted time to work on difficult and thoughtful projects. It works for me because in an hour I feel I have accomplished a great deal. Then I can give any project time to percolate and some back refreshed with a new perspective on the work.  I use as many power periods as I need to reach completion.  I start very early on projects so I have time to add at the end, just in case.

What tips and tricks do you use for  productivity and time management?

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