ADHD 2022 International Conference on ADHD

My work with my clients is my priority. And also my professional development, learning, and training. Continuing education and career training allow me to develop new skills, stay up-to-date on current trends, and advance our work together in sessions. It is my commitment to be on the leading edge of training for our work together.

Learning from ADHD experts

Over the last three months, I have attended seminars on ADHD and anxiety, addiction, and oppositional defiance through ADDA-SR. Last summer, I was privileged to attend the ADHD Intensive. This month I attended the International Conference on ADHD. What did I learn?
  • A strong foundation and commitment to self-care prepare you best for every other part of your work, managing your home and relationships.
  • Coaching is a positive strategy for processing information and creating strategies for home, work, and life.
  • Whether you are a child or an adult with ADHD, there are ways to make change happen when you are ready.
  • Setting strong positive boundaries helps us navigate difficult relationships. These boundaries include both options that are desirable and non-negotiable.
  • More research on ADHD is needed to help with assessments and medications for ADHD.

This information reinforces much of what I know to be true. However, taking these experts’ information to my clients is my next step with my coaching and hands-on work.


Collective joy in a community of learning

Conferences, Summits, and community learning are coming back after uncertain times. For me, it is a true joy to sit and listen with my colleagues in person to experts and authors. Taking notes, reading materials, and discussing information bring life to learning. I call this collective joy in that we are all together learning and engaging.

There is so much joy in meeting new colleagues and reconnecting with my peers. Time spent together in person, experiencing conferences together, discussing our work, and meeting new people bring purpose to my work. I love connecting with my colleagues who work in this specialty.


I am grateful for the opportunities for professional development this year and going forward. It is who I am to continue learning, seeking information, and sharing that with everyone around me.



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