Best Mother’s Day Gifts (What Mom Really Wants)

Mother's Day

Give Mom the gift she wants most.   Moms don’t want expensive jewelry, a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, fancy perfumes or other stuff.  What they really want is help around the house.  There are lots of small ways to give these gifts to your mom this week for Mother’s Day or throughout the year. What’s the best Mother’s Day gifts?  It’s the gift of service and appreciation.


Give the gift of dinner.

Mom could use some help grocery shopping.  Use the OurGroceries app to share the grocery list or simply take a photo of the list on the refrigerator.   Make dinner for Mother’s Day and add in a once a week drop off. Make a weekly date to head to the grocery store with Mom including a latte and laughter.


Give the gift of extra hands and help

Moms are often left alone to do dishes, laundry and house cleaning.  In most families individuals do their own laundry.  Give mom the gift of help by not only doing your laundry, but doing other family members laundry. It’s not only putting it in the washer and dryer, but putting it away in the drawers or hanging. Moms love to see your and their own clothes neatly hung and folded.  Work together as a team and chat with Mom while partnering to do the dishes, load or unload the dishwasher, or do a little cleaning around the house.


Give the gift of serenity.

Most moms don’t like to nag every day about putting your things away. Give mom the gift of serenity by having a nightly reset time to things are put away. Your reset can include picking up around the house, getting ready for the next day, charging your technology in a common space, or picking out clothes for tomorrow.  Prevent nagging by setting the alarm on your phone to remind you to do this responsibility.


Give the gift of appreciation.

Moms love to know that they are appreciated.  A simple text, phone call or card on Mother’s Day and any other day of the year makes a Mom’s day! Moms put a lot of energy into their work.  It’s not always  acknowledged.  Your mom will know she made a difference with a small note of appreciation.  It’s powerful for your mom to hear, “yes, you’re right Mom!”


I wish all the moms, aunties, stepmoms and other non-Moms a fabulous Mother’s Day!

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  1. Nancy Borg
    Nancy Borg says:

    Such great thoughtful ways to celebrate the Moms and all the other special “women” in our lives! Also, there’s nothing nicer than a sincere notecard or greeting card that conveys matters of the heart 🙂

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