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Hugs and happy organizing are client success stories.  Here’s a story about a client’s office.


Office desks become overwhelming with scraps, notes, and more. It’s hard to find the time to organize at work. Why organize when every day is chaotic?


There are simple steps to organize your office space.   Refresh your desk every evening and do a major overhaul monthly to keep productive in this space.


  • Decide what’s most important and what you use daily. These tools are the only items that remain on the desk top.
  • Set up a command center for actionable tasks and current projects.
  • Decide on what works best for you for a task list and consolidate all  your post it notes there.
  • Establish a reference area in a desk drawer or corner of your desk.  Keep what you refer to often in a notebook with inserts on the desk or a hanging file in your drawer.
  • Take home extra items that belong at home, such as extra pairs of shoes, books or personal items.
  • Keep a drawer with personal items such as lotion, snacks or hand sanitizer.


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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Ellen- These are great tips for keeping our work spaces in optimal productivity shape. With too many distractions, it’s difficult to concentrate. Beginning and ending each day with a clean slate (or surface) can make all the difference between how the day flows. It doesn’t mean our work areas stay that way all day (mine certainly doesn’t,) but it helps with our transition times.

    One thing that increases my productivity is having a bowl of fidgets. I have a lot of phone meetings. My bowl of fidgets (aka toys) helps me to concentrate and allows me to have fun while I’m working.

  2. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    Thanks Linda for sharing what works for you! I know that we all need a focusing tool. I can imagine your bowl of fidgets include something purple too.

  3. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    Reading this reminded me of a time when I was assigned to cover for another employee who was on a temporary assignment in another department. Her desk was jam-packed with useless stuff, including pay stubs going back several years. I ended up removing everything that wasn’t needed to do the job and boxing it up for her to deal with. I probably did her a favor! (By the way, I was only in that job for 6 weeks before I also got a new temporary assignment.)

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