Celebrate your Freedom from Too Much Stuff on July 4

celebrate your freedom from too much stuff


One of my favorite holidays is July 4.  It’s when we celebrate our nation and our freedoms as a country. It’s also the time to celebrate our personal freedom; freedom from too much stuff.  It’s time to release the restraints of clutter and celebrate letting go.


What’s holding you back

Our stuff is more than just stuff. It’s a tangible representation to us of an emotion. That might be loss or grief, possibilities or thoughts. Your stuff can be an emotional trigger.  At the same time, you might feel like you are the guardian of all things good and the protector of other’s stuff that has been given to you.  We are not our stuff and our stuff is not us.  Our stuff is most especially functional, useful, and joyful.


How to get started on your personal freedom

The first step is the hardest part of any journey.  What’s your obstacle and what’s holding you back from letting go?  Is it time? Sentimental attachments? Finances?  Here’s where a hard look at how much your freedom is costing you.  If you are ready for your freedom, take baby steps with short spans of time or small spaces. Or take a deep dive and work in a room to let go of stuff.


Steps to letting go

  • Are you ready to let go? Make it easy with a donation to a charity you love.  When you donate, you are giving to others to make a difference.  That feels good!



  • Not quite ready? Let go of easy stuff first. With time and practice, it will be easier to let go.


  • Not ready to let go of special items?  Of course not! That’s important to keep what is truly special.


  • Each step of letting go deserves a celebration.


Here’s to the important of freedom from stuff!  I hope your celebration continues all year long, year after year. The freedom of letting go is a journey.


More ideas here on my Home Sweet Organized Home. 


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