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It’s already the holiday season! We see it in our yards with Halloween decorations, in shops with Christmas decorations, and we feel it in the energy around us.  Thanks to BlogElevated, I have asked some bloggers to share how they get organized for the holidays.  How do you get organized for the holidays? 


Admittedly, I am not the most organized person, however when it comes to holiday decorations I make an exception. We store all of our holiday decor in labeled containers in the garage and pull them out when it’s time to decorate. I always make sure the house has had a good cleaning/dusting before setting out our decorations. Then, when the holiday is over all of the decorations go right back into their container! Inevitably, we end up with a bit more decor every year and have to buy another container, but it’s worth it to keep things organized!

Heather Shaw

Blogger and Entrepreneur 

Mother of 2



My best tip for getting organized for the holidays starts the year before when I’m packing for the holidays. Our family celebrates many religious traditions for Advent, before Christmas. So, when I am packing up decor from the year before I put things in boxes in the order they will be used the next year. The advent wreath comes out first, and all of our stuff we use the first couple of weeks of Advent are packed together (i.e., the Advent wreath isn’t packed with other wreaths.) We do our Christmas tree on Gaudete Sunday (3rd Sunday of Advent) so ornaments and tree stuff are packed together in a box. We put up stockings on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, so those are packed in the bottom so they will be the last out of the box. I use different apps on my phone to track gifts we’ve bought for the kids, and I use the Amazon Wish List feature to keep track of things the kids want throughout the year. I made a Pinterest board for myself called Husband Buy Me This for my own “wish list”. I love using Pinterest for this because I can add the price and link to the store where he can purchase it, so he doesn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt.

Lisa Stauber

Co-founder Blog Elevated Conference

Mom of 10


I start planning at least a month in advance. Decorating is always my first priority, because it takes so much effort, and I can enjoy it the longest. I think of things that enchanted me as a child, and then try to incorporate them into my lifestyle with my family now. Next, I start dreaming up recipes to share with my family and friends. Sweet treats and Main Dishes, always including traditional favorites as well as new tastes and flavors to help begin new memories. 

 Nicole T. Woodard

Author, Food and Home Blogger

Author of 37 Catholic Classroom Crafts (in 30 Minutes or Less),

Mother of 4 little girls



When it comes time for preparing for the holidays, meal planning may come to mind when you’re planning that celebration meal. But with the busy holiday season, healthy habits can take a back seat to more fast and convenience foods that are not so good for you. But it doesn’t have to. In early November, I like to make up several healthy meals that to store in my freezer. Adding a simple salad or steamed vegetable to most meals means you’ll not only be eating a little healthier but also saving money to spend on holiday shopping and activities.


Brenda Thompson,

Freelance Writer and Blogger

Meal Planning Magic


 My holiday organizing is about breaking things into baby steps.  I love my holiday time line for getting it all done! 


How you you get organized for the holidays? 


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