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Hugs and Happy Organizing posts are about client successes. Here you will find a happy organizing story about storage.
We all want more storage! Having an extra closet makes all the difference!
  • Be sure to keep your floor clear.   When your floor is cluttered, storage space becomes chaotic.
  • Review what you are storing annually.  Be sure to decluttered what is past it’s prime or unused.
  • A great shelving installation makes all the difference. Inexpensive or custom, shelving heights should make it easy to store items.
  • Color coded, labelled bins make it easy to retrieve seasonal storage.


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4 replies
  1. Ruth Archer
    Ruth Archer says:

    Interesting organizing ideas! I am going to move to Paris next month because of my job and I should start packing. I have to declutter the house and to storage some of the furniture somewhere. Thanks for the ideas again!

  2. Evelyn Stanton
    Evelyn Stanton says:

    I am moving to my boyfriend’s apartment and I am going to live with someone for the first time in my live. I know that I should say goodbye to some of my belongings but I am an optimist. Thank you for sharing this article because you definitely helped me with the organizing part of the whole situation!

  3. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Thanks Evelyn!

    You might also like my blog post, Organizing for Couples in addition. There’s a lot to working together to get organized.

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