How to Organize Christmas Cards

how to organize your Christmas cards



It’s a special time of year and special memories are made from Christmas cards.  Keeping and treasuring your cards is simple with this step by step method of binding your Christmas cards together.  Here’s how to organize Christmas cards with this simple 6 step craft.


organize holiday cards


Step 1 – Sort cards by year.  Also decide if there any cards that you do not want to save and recycle them.  Eliminate without guilt those that are not special to you.
Step 2 – Sort each year by size, from largest on the bottom of the stack to the smallest at the top of the stack.
Step 3 – Use a good, strong hole puncher to punch a hole in the top left of each card. Your hand will hurt if the hole puncher is not very good!


organize Christmas cards
Step 4 – Use a binder ring to keep all cards together.
Step 5 – Create a little card that denotes the year to place at the front.

Step 6 – Tie holiday ribbon around the ring.


organize Christmas cards
Step 7 – Place cards in a pretty basket under your tree, near the fireplace, or another spot that is easy accessible!


Step 3 Display Christmas cards

Another fun Christmas card tip – If you have a smart phone, go through your current year’s cards and take a quick picture of the photo cards. Now you can save these as your friends’ and family’s contact photos.  These will pop up each time you speak by phone!


What are some ways you have organized and preserved your Christmas cards?


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4 replies
  1. Autumn Leopold
    Autumn Leopold says:

    Great idea Ellen! I actually do this with all of my cards including birthdays. My friend Amy leaves hers out on her coffee table for her Christmas guests to look though.

  2. Hazel Thornton
    Hazel Thornton says:

    I have all my “keepers” in one place, but they’re not organized, especially. (Of course now I want to organize them!) The rest, the ones I don’t feel the need to keep but they’re pretty and the image is small enough, I save to make little boxes and/or gift tags out of. I discard the rest, but have also been known to gather them together to donate to someone collecting them for charity. (I wasn’t the one collecting, so don’t remember which charity.)

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