My Organizing Obsession: Labels

organizing obsession labels


Without a doubt, the one topic that I talk about at every speaking engagement, with every client and with every colleague is my love of labels.  I call myself an “over-labeller” because I know that I label inside drawers, pantries, bins and more.


My love of labels is both functional and cute.  When a spot is labelled, everyone knows where an items goes.  It’s easy getting your home or office reset and back to order.  Everyone can help put away groceries and toys when a spot is labelled.   In addition, labels set the tone of the decor.  I love faux chalkboard labels to appeal to our DIYers.  A simple black and white label keeps minimalists happy.  A cheery label brings a smile to all of us.


Download and print labels

With Pinterest, it’s easy to find labels to download and print.  Do a quick search to find what you need and print in color at home.  Labels are available for every type of project.


Avery labels

Avery labels

Avery labels are available at online and at retail outlets.  Run these labels through your printer to customize.  Sizes and shapes of all kinds are available and self adhesive too!


Brother P Touch Label Maker

labels and organizing

Brother P Touch label maker and labels are a simple way to add organization to your home and office.  The tape is purchased separately. Tapes comes in a variety of sizes and colors. To keep it simple, I use only black lettering on white tape.


You might feel a bit of resistance to labels.  Move beyond this emotion and do some labeling in one area.  Test this each time you replace items back in their spots. How easy did labeling make your work?  Feeling the obsession too?



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  1. Liana George
    Liana George says:

    Oh I love labels too Ellen! They make such a difference in your organizing efforts and can help everyone in the house know where things belong! Great post!

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I totally get your love of labels. I don’t know what I’d do without my Brother P-Touch labelers! While I don’t label everything, nor do my clients, I do advocate labeling whatever is needed to make more sense of and create less stress from our environments. Labels also help us to know “the story” at a glance. Happy labeling!

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