Second Semester Student Organizing Strategies


student organizing strategies

School work gets harder, notebooks look shabbier, and motivation gets more difficult during second semester.  As your student struggles with school, it’s time to reinvigorate some student organizing strategies to push forward and end the year strong.  Second semester student organizing strategies help you and your student with paper and time management.

  •  Put routines back into place.  Spot light starting homework at a set time, ending the night with the back pack by the back door, and getting a good night’s rest. As the school year drags on, we can be less consistent about routines. Make routines a priority by sharing your plan and getting everyone together at a family meeting.
  • Talk through the homework folder with your student. Be sure all homework and work to be completed is placed in this spot and returned to it when work is completed. Purchase a new homework folder or add a slash pocket in the front of the notebook just for this.
  • Purchase some washi or colored duct tape and get your student’s notebooks back in order.  Tape it all back together with this creative, functional tape.  Review tabbed slash pocket dividers (affiliate link for Student Products) and see if these need to be replaced or can make it to the end of the year.  Be sure each subject has a specific labelled area.  Create a file box with hanging files, one per subject, to drop in papers to archive. Less paper in the notebook makes keeping it orderly easier.  Every paper should have a spot, not be placed in a book, locker or backpack.
  • Gather resources for difficult subjects. Khan Academy offers science and math resources. is available for literature.  When you student struggles with subject matter, find alternatives and additions for complex subject matter.
  • Make studying more fun!  It’s not about reading the same information over and over. It is about mixing it up to make studying more fun and easier.  Try playing ping pong while studying vocabulary, a playlist just for homework time, a study site like StudyBlue, or other ways to add action.
  • Every student needs a planner that works for them.  Add a binder clip to open immediately to the right spot.  Ask a family member or friend who values their planner to share with your student why to keep up to date in and use a planner.

Invigorating organizing at the end of the year makes for a successful year.   What’s working in your home to end the year strong?

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