4 Organizing Routines for Small Business Entrepreneurs

smalll business routines


Being a small business owner typically means wearing many hats.  You are CEO, Marketing VP, Finance Director and worker!  It’s not surprising that organizing may be a lower priority, especially administrative tasks.  By having routines you are going to be more successful each day.  By creating organizing routines, your productivity and organizing will soar.  Here’s how small business organizing routines an help small business entrepreneurs.


Start the day with a mindful practice

If we start the day with a routine, we are going to get on track easier. It might be your morning spiritual moment, exercise, or eating protein,  a great morning routine makes you be on time for work, be your best when you arrive at work, be focused and put a positive spin on the day.


Assign a day for certain types of work

When you have a specific day of the week with a specific focus, you can get more done. Focus on your plan on the way you work best. It might be Financial Friday where you enter or download your Quickbooks.


Early to Work or Stay Late

Getting to work early or staying late often means uninterrupted work time.  By assigning a certain day of the week that you go in early or stay late,  you can make plans and be more productive. It may be the time you do your best thinking this way.

Closing ceremony

The end of your day sets the stage for tomorrow.  My colleague Janice Simon calls it the “closing ceremonies.”  Wrap up your day with notes to yourself for where you are leaving off or a reminder for tomorrow’s most important tasks.  Finish up with a zen like desk clearing and leave nothing on your desk. When you return, you will find clarity and motivation as you welcome the opportunity of a fresh start.


Your small business will thrive as you incorporate these routines.  Check out more tech tools and other here.


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  1. Sabrina Quairoli
    Sabrina Quairoli says:

    I love clearing my desk before I leave work on Friday. It really helps me stay away from doing more over the weekend since my office is in my home. We need to setup boundaries for the days we don’t want to work, since as small business owners, we work all the time. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Ellen Delap
    Ellen Delap says:

    @Sabrina – just a few minutes at the end of the week makes everything run smoothly! A deadlines what we all need.

    @Autumn – I just love all sizes of post its for this reason!

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