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How to Host an Annual Summit for your Family or Business

Annual summit and strategic planning

Each year as the new year begins, thoughts turn to how can I make this year better. We think about goals and habits. Have you thought about an annual summit that takes a big picture view of your family, work and life?  A summit is a strategic,high level conversation that brings together all the parts of your work.


Wrap up last year

Start with a summary of last year. Assess what went well and what still needs work.  This wrap includes what happened and what did not, as well as assessing if what happened really does still need to happen.  Be sure to congratulate yourself on your successes, acknowledge what you are grateful for and to whom you are grateful.


Dig deep for your Purpose

Before you embark on your new goals, define what is your purpose.  What gets you up in the morning? What brings a smile? What’s your core value(s)?  Getting this defined first gives you direction and meaning to your summit.  If you are working with a partner or team, it’s a time you can collaborate to define your purpose.  It can be a simple, single statement.


What do you want more of in your life or business?

There are many areas of your life and work you may want to change. Here’s a start for you. It could  be your health, more fun, connection to family and friends, a better or different career, more money or a closer walk with God.  As you review each area, think about what you want and why you want it.


Who is on your team?

One of the biggest supports in accomplishing your goals each year is your team.  These are your trusted advisors, your friends you have coffee with, your family and partner who make you laugh, and any others you know you can count on.  On this list you may realize there are some who are not supporting you and you are ready to let that door close.  Knowing who is with you as you start the year keeps you movinng forward.


Establish a time line

Adding your goals to your calendar together creates the plan for your year.  Break your goals or habits into manageable pieces and incorporate these by month or week.  Having a plan and following it means your goals become reality.


Create a metric to assess your work

How will you know what you have accomplished in this year’s plan? You want a checklist with dates to assess what you are doing, when it is getting finished and what’s left to do.  Your metric can be written in a notebook or kept digitally in evernote.  Your plan can be checked off or crossed out, just so you celebrate the successes throughout the year.


It’s easy for us to forget how important seeing the big picture is. The details can bog us down.  Your annual summit can be held at the beginning, middle or end of the year.