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Summer Digital Decluttering Checklist

summer digital decluttering


Summer is a great time to do your digital decluttering. Digital decluttering is editing your digital space including your computer, phone, and devices. All this extra information builds up invisibly yet continuously. Take back some of your head space and computer space with these tips.


Your decluttering plan

Just like decluttering physically, know what you want to accomplish for your digital decluttering. Your goals might be to streamline your devices, eliminate extra cognitive load with too many apps and social media accounts, or know more about where your materials are located. Align your intention with time blocks to help you edit. It is easiest to start with a small amount of time and a  small project. While waiting in line, delete. If you are on hold for a call, edit. You will find small chunks of time work best for these decisions.


Digital decluttering spots

For work:

There is never downtime for work. Set up a time this summer when you can focus on organizing your documents.

  • Drafts of documents
  • Empty digital folders
  • Your computer desktop
  • Downloads from previous projects


On your devices:

Your digital clutter builds up without good organization. Check these items to be sure you keep what you want and you organize it.

  • Duplicate photos
  • Downloads
  • Delete and then categorize apps
  • Review paid subscriptions
  • Social media accounts
  • Review notifications


With email and your computer:

Be brutal with your email.

  • Sort your inbox and establish rules to move information into folders automatically
  • Delete and unsubscribe to email newsletters or advertisements
  • Review passwords
  • Delete files and organize your google drive

No matter how much you declutter, remember that the safety of your computer and devices depends on backing up. Set up an automatic backup system, being sure these run at least nightly, to keep your information current and safe.