Snow day

snow day It’s a bright sunny day today but I am seeing all sorts of snow day fun in the news.  Our last official snow occurred in December 2008.  Since the chance of this precipitation rarely occurs here, it makes me think about having a self proclaimed snow day.


Snow day fun

A snow day for kids means a day of fun and no school.  How refreshing that would be to be able to have an adult snow day!  Things I would love to do on a snow day include staying in jammies all day, treating myself to hot cocoa, watch food tv favorites and reading endless numbers of magazines.


Others might see a snow day as a day for improvised productivity. Yes, you could organize a closet, your email or your desk.  Yes,  you could get more done on this day.


For me it would be a day filled with rejuvenation, renewal and reflection.


According to The Energy Project, “we are at our best when we alternate between expending energy and intermittently renewing our four core energy needs: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When you’re intent on supplying fuel in each dimension of energy, you’re creating happier people that will affect your organization’s success.”  There’s power in renewal.


When can I plan a snow day?


It’s a day to put on the calendar!  It may not be as spontaneous as the weather, but you can arrange it as a day to rejuvenate.  We all need a day to be able to wind down, sit quietly and gain back our clarity.


When is your snow day? Let’s plan it together!