Elf on the Shelf ® Organized


elf on the shelf organized

Each year right when the holidays begin,  families meet their personal scout Elf who joins their family for the holiday season to help Santa with his naughty and nice list.  Each day their Elf moves around their home watching them from different spots to check on the kids.  It is a tradition to locate him.

Throughout the holiday season, I’ve seen dozens of pinterest pages and blogs devoted to Elf on the Shelf ®.  Adding in a little practicality and organization adds to the fun!

  • Set a time each day or night to follow though.  Busy days with wrapping, shopping and cooking can leave you drained.  Set a time each night, such as right after tuck in, or set an alarm on your phone, to remind you to get set up.
  • Be sure everyone is in.  Spouses, partners, grandparents, extended family and friends can all be helpers for you.  Just in case time gets away from you and things did not go as planned, text a family member or friend to help out.
  • Elf antics can be simple or elaborate.  As one mom says, her family purposely kept things simple just to keep the tradition easy to accomplish each evening.  A simple addition can be a short note too.  Whatever you choose, remember to follow through.
  • Store your elf in a remote location and add a reminder to your digital calendar for next year where he is stored.



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