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Fall organizing: Gift wrap organizing


fall organizing gift wrap organizing

Fall organizing prepares you for the fun ahead including holidays.  Lots of gifts, for family, friends, and charity, will be wrapped in the next few months. There is seldom a home that is not overflowing with materials to beautify a box or bag.  Be gift wrap read by organizing and sprucing up your stuff.  Organize your gift wrap and be ready for the holiday season.

  • Start by culling out what has seen better days.  It’s easy to think you will need an abundance of bags, tissue and ribbon. However, be sure these are in excellent condition to use for another gift.  Decide how many bags of different types are needed. If you have too many baby shower bags or happy birthday bags,  decide on a number to keep. Your bags and wrap can be recycled or donated.
  • Decide what other supplies you need.  Fall is often when school fundraisers for gift wrap take place. Knowing what you need will help you support local charities and not over purchase.
  • Your gift wrap station should be easy to access.  There are lots of possibilities.  Hanging gift wrap bags are popular to store bags in guest closets.  Dresser drawers in your guest room are an option. Short, three drawer sterilite plastic chests can work too.  Having subdivided areas for tissue, ribbon, bags and rolls makes it easy to find and use your supplies. Under bed gift wrap organizers are available for any room. You can also divide holiday and every day supplies, storing holiday with your holiday decorations.


hanging gift wrap organizer




under bed gift wrap organizer

  • Place the items in your new storage area. Label the categories so you know what is stored in each space.
  • Take a little extra time each time you wrap a gift to replace items where they belong.
  • Maybe this year you want to forgo gifts and go clutter free too!

What’s your gift wrap trick for eliminating and storing?


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