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Small Ways to Make A Difference this Holiday Season

It is so easy to get caught up in the blitz of the holidays.  How easy it is to overlook the ways we can make a difference for others.  Here are a few small ways to make a difference this season.

Star of Hope Mission          http://www.sohmission.org/NetCommunity//

FamilyTime                            http://www.familytimeccc.org/

Humble Area Assistance  http://www.haamministries.org/

Drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket.

Drop off a toy for Toys for Tots at ToysRUs.

Gather your kids and donate your used toys to thrift shops in our community.

What are your favorite ways to make a small difference? 

Make A Difference with Holiday Donations

At this time of year we feel abundantly blessed!  Make a difference for your family in donating toys to area philanthropies needing donations. Here is a list from the most recent Kingwood Observer. 


Empty Stocking Project/ Humble ISD/HAAM                   


Food, monetary donations, toys


Society of St. Stephen                                                  


Toys, food


The Mission                                                              


Food, monetary donations, toys


Village Learning Center                                             


Sponsor a client, subscriptions, DVDs, gift certificates




Toys, teenager gift cards


Find a worthy cause that you are passionate about. Help your children part with toys and more to take to the facility.  Take your children with you to make the donation. Create an annual holiday tradition around this event.  Can you think of anything more rewarding during this holiday season?


Please add your worthy cause as a comment below so we can share!