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Keep It Simple Sweetie Keep It Organized



Keeping your life organized can be summed up with the adage, Keep It Simple Sweetie.  Here’s how!

Keep it simple sweetie

  • Simple, easy, routine steps make your home and your life organized.
  • Keeping clear about what items, activities and connections are your priorities make life simpler.

Keep it sorted sweetie

  • Grouping like items together and sorted makes for easy organizing.
  • Choose categories that work for you, label the groups and do a small amount of sorting.
  • After sorting, distribute the items to where they belong.

Keep it short sweetie

  • Work in short bursts to get organized.
  • Work in small spaces to get motivated for more organizing.
  • Maintain your organization with a quick daily pick up time for yourself and your family.

Keep it silly sweetie

  • Add fun to your organizing.
  • Simple silliness makes it easier to organize.
  • Silly includes hosting a laundry party in the living room with music, cleaning the kitchen together while singing, or listening to Mary Poppins music “A Spoonful of Sugar helps the medicine go down” while picking up the toys.

Keep it successful sweetie

  • Keep it positive and think of your successes.
  • Each success leads you on to creating an organized lifestyle.