Technology and Online School Access

technology and online school access


Schools are updating technology and requiring all families to have online access.  It’s quite a transition for both the schools and for families.  It takes just a little bit to be more tech savvy but it’s here to stay.  Get up to speed this fall with online school access technology.


Technology for online access

Now is the time for you to get started. It takes about 30 minutes.  Log onto your school district website and you will find the information you need.  Most of the school districts have a video on their website to help you get started.  It will require for you to be the guardian and have an email address.  Once you create the account, you must register through the home access account with your home address.  Just like other accounts, you will have a password and security questions.  (If this does not go smoothly, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section.  Also, it may be because you need to use a different internet browser. )


Technology tools and Your Weekly Update

Having all this information is amazing, but often it takes work to bring it all together.   Your school offers an online newsletter. Your child’s classroom teacher sends out a weekly update.  These are sent on different dates.  What’s a parent to do? It requires weekly planning time.  Setting aside a time once a week to review all the information sent and then consolidated on your personal planner.


If your kids are online, create access for them to a family google or cozi calendar.  They can update from their computer or smartphone as they learn about new activities.  They can set reminders and alarms for themselves too.  Having everyone online together helps share the responsibility of activities.



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