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Your Most Organized Year Ever

Your Most Organized Year Ever


Each year as we start the new year, we think of ways to make a change and improve our lives.  Did you know that organizing is one of the top three goals each year?  Throughout the month of January, I will be offering 31 tips to help you have Your Most Organized Year Ever.  Implement just one of these tips, tools, techniques or tweaks this year. 


Your task list is a mile long! You know you won’t get it all done, but you have magical thinking that it will be all done.  What’s the best way to feel accomplished?  Prioritize your top three tasks for the day.


Find your 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs)

Your three tasks may be the most urgent due to the deadline. Your three tasks might be the ones that bring in revenue.  Your three tasks might be established by your boss.  Write your three tasks out the night before so you are ready to work the next day.


Start your 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs)

The only task you can be sure of each day is the first one you start that day.  Get started with your tasks before you review email so you can use crucial thinking time when you are at  your best.  Start with a timer if you need to jump in right away.  Work for an uninterrupted hour and see how much you accomplish.


Make this Your Most Organized Year Ever with prioritizing your 3 most important tasks (MITs).


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