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Top New Year Resolution for 2010: Spend more time with your family

According to ABC13 in Houston, the top newyear’s resolution is to spend more time with your family.   As a Certified Family Manager Coach, my passion is making families cohesive, communicative, and nurturing.  However, as with all goals, this can be overwhelming and end us with less than stellar success. Let’s break this down into some baby steps to be sure you accomplish this goal!

1.  Spend more dinner time together. Whether the goal is one dinner a week or seven, create a plan that works for you and your family. Dinner together can be sandwiches or spaghetti, create a plan that is simple for you and enjoyable for your family.   The plan can be a grid of 3 weeks of easy to make dinners with your family input, a technology tool with thescramble.com or e-mealz.com, or assigning family members a night to cook. 

2.  Spend more quality time together.  Create a team and strategically plan for time together. Our world is crazy busy and if we wait for spontaneity our family time may not occur.  Set aside a family meeting time once a week with a short meeting and plenty of fun time.  During the meeting be sure to chat about upcoming family events.

3. Spend more time learning together.  What interests and activities do you want to share?  Choose open ended activities that every one can be successful at, including art work, walking, or going to a museum.  Celebrate everyone’s strengths by affirming each other and encourage new interests.

I look forward to learning from you how your resolution is coming together!