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Travel Lists Make Life Easier and Travel Better

Birdie Brennan travel lists


Travel is supposed to be fun and relaxing but getting ready to take a trip can be stressful!  Being organized, can take the stress out of your preparation.

Lists can help!  Make a list of what needs done before you go, what you are taking with you and what you want to see and do while you are gone.

I always like to leave for vacation feeling like I’ve dotted all my “I’s” and crossed all my “T’s”, but this is a time when you have to be realistic about what needs done.  Only do what needs done and delegate when you can.  When you are creating the list, add deadlines to it and add the tasks to your calendar so you have a time to do them!  Examples of things for this list are stop mail, wash vacation clothes.  Both of these items can be done well in advance.

Create a generic list of what you take on most trips.  I use a clothing list and a toiletry list. It makes it easy to pack and gives you piece of mind that you are not forgetting anything!

Now, while you are on vacation, is there a once in a lifetime experience awaiting you?  Make sure it is not sold out by doing some research and planning before you ever leave home. A little research ahead of time can open up a host of activities and restaurants that could easily be missed otherwise.

Now, relax and enjoy that much needed and deserved vacation!


Birdie Brennan has been simplifying people’s lives since 1998.  She is a member of NAPO, in the Inaugural class of Certified Professional Organizers, a Golden Circle member, is the current National NAPO Co-chair for the Golden Circle Committee and has held the position of National Chair for the Get Organized Month Committee for four years.  She is one of the founding members of the NAPO Ohio Chapter. She is a member of ICD.  She has participated in the A & E show, Hoarders and is her local NBC’s organizing expert.  Birdie loves giving her clients solutions for getting and staying organized!  Connect with Birdie through her website and social media.