When the wheels come off the wagon…staying organized

There are certain times each year when our best organizing efforts get out of control. It is when there are just too many things to do at the same time.  It is when we are about to host a party, but there is clutter on the counter.  It is holiday time and instead of time to get your house in order, you need to purchase holiday gifts.  It is when we need to drive someone in our car, but the paper is everywhere in there and we need to stash it.  Is this preventable?  Maybe…..

Keeping your home, car or office in order and preventing the wheels coming off the wagon can happen!

  • Spend 15 minutes every day getting things back to where they belong in  your home or office.
  • Take 5 minutes every day to go through the mail. 
  • Write preparation time in your calendar. Plan 2 weeks out from a party, with one week just to prepare your home and one week to prepare for the party.
  • Start decluttering months before a move. 
  • Just do it! If it takes under 3 minutes to get any job done, any stuff put away, or any note to write, just do it.
  • Get help and delegate. If you can’t do it all, get a great helper to do what they can. 

Next time the wheels come off the wagon for you, look back and learn where it all started.

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