10 Ways Organizing Saves You Money


Here are 10 ways that cut to the chase on organizing and saving money. These 10 ways organizing saves you money will be the best reasons to get organized now.

1.                  You won’t need to buy things you already have. You won’t have to run to Walgreens to buy your kids index cards or school supplies.

2.                  You find money in your pockets – lots of it! We found $15,000 in a bin of papers!  We have found some money in every home where I work. 

3.                  You get reverse income by donating and using itsdeductibleonline.com.  Make a list of what you donate and create a spreadsheet.  Each time you donate usually adds up to $500 for tax deductions.

4.                  Your emotional and physical health improves so fewer doctors’ visits.  There are tons of allergens in paper piles, especially dust mites!

5.                  You prioritize saving money in entering your receipts into Quicken and know where you spend your money. Having a strong connection to your money saves you money in prioritizing how you spend it.

6.                  You clip coupons and save money every time you are at the grocery or drugstore. Some families spend only $20 on groceries a week with coupons.

7.                  You keep on top of home repair and other tasks. Prevent big expenditures by routine upkeep of your home and car.  Regular maintenance of your car means you can make more money on the resale.

8.                  You save money on the utilities in your home.  Being organized about your laundry means consistently filling the tub, washing the dished regularly with a full load and saving on heating/cooling costs by setting the temp at a consistent level.

9.                  You keep your purchases to a minimum. Being organized means buying what you need, when you need it, rather than compulsive shopping to assuage your emotions.

10.             Everyone knows saving time is saving money.  You can be more efficient and effective at everything you do by being organized!

 How does organizing save you money?








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  1. Fran
    Fran says:

    How organizing saves money:

    Organizing tax information saves time and money because you have complete records at hand for timely filing.

    Organizing medical information ensures you get all insurance reimbursements (or tax deductions) you’re entitled to in a timely manner.

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