10 Ways to Procrastinate and NOT Get Anything Done




It’s 5 o’clock and you are wondering, “what did I accomplish today?”  Maybe it’s even Friday and you are wondering about the week as a whole.   Maybe you are thinking why didn’t I get anything done?  There are so many ways to procrastinate.


  1.  Check your email over and over all day. Start your day with email.  Don’t make any decisions and leave everything in your inbox.  According to research, we check email for as long a time as we binge watch a tv series.
  2. Not feeling up to getting the day started? Check on facebook, instagram, or pinterest to have a little fun. An hour slips by before you know it.
  3. Make everyone else’s priorities your priority.  Their work is urgent and your’s can be on the back burner.  Answer everyone else’s requests first.
  4. Jump from one task to another.  Let’s start this project, move to another and another.  Research shows multitasking appears and feels productive, but the results can show otherwise.
  5. It’s already 11 am. You’ve missed your best work time.  Why get started now? Just take an early lunch.
  6. Don’t make a list for tomorrow. You can do that once you get in the office.  There’s no time for a list and why decide on what’s tomorrow’s priorities.
  7. Don’t schedule in tasks.  No need to set a time to accomplish a task when you can  just do it when you’re in the mood.
  8. Schedule a lot of meetings, have no agenda and be sure to start late.  It’s a great way to fill days without getting anything accomplished.
  9. You’re too busy to take care of yourself.  Be sure to get in bed late, don’t make a meal plan or take time to rejuvenate. Put yourself last on the list.
  10. Never take a vacation. You’re too busy to take time off.  You haven’t accomplished enough to take a vacation.


Maybe you have other areas you can procrastinate to add to this list too.


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  1. April
    April says:

    This is a great list! I am definitely guilty of more than few items here. Pinterest is probably the biggest rabbit hole I fall into!

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