17 ADHD Tips for 2017

17 adhd tips



Living successfully with ADHD means learning about creative ways to use your strengths.  Peter Shankman, founder of the Faster Than Normal podcast, says that using  your strengths is what makes the difference in living an ADHD life with meaning.  These ADHD tips include some of the most important areas I have learned from my clients. These areas as the priorities help you set your daily activities and guide you through the day.  Here’s 17 ADHD tips for 2017 just for you.


At Home

  1. Keep a family calendar for everyone to access. It can be a paper, dry erase, or digital calendar.  It’s everyone’s job to add to it all the time.
  2. Keep it simple.  Declutter with regularity. There’s always more coming in as you know.  Have a declutter bag available for you and your family to drop items in and take away once a month.
  3. Plan partnerships in getting responsibilities done at home.  Stick together in partnerships or everyone working as a team to make dinner, do laundry, take out the trash or any home chore so that it gets done quickly. Make it fun with music, dancing and laughing.
  4. Keep the conversation positive and coachable. Begin conversations between you, your partner, or your kids with a positive, learning, coachable communication style.



  1. Partner with your partners.  Work as a team with your partner or spouse in home responsibilities.  At work find partners who help you be accountable, set deadlines, help you start or help you finish a project.
  2. Spend time one on one with others. Vitamin C, vitamin connect as Dr. Edward Hallowell talks about, is the critical element for ADHD.  Be sure you are connecting regularly and prioritizing relationships.  Play, physical connection and communication are all ways to manage ADHD symptoms better.


  1. Set up positive learning situations. Every misstep is an opportunity to learn. Process with your child where the learning is.
  2. Set up simple systems for you and your child.  Keep spaces and routines as simplified as possible.
  3. Homework happens! Hire homework help for your child with a tutor, a homework helper or a local teen.
  4. Limit video games and online distractions. Use blockers, set up a common charging spot, and establish a one hour video free time before bed.

Self care

  1. An early bedtime for kids and adults makes for a more productive, happier day.
  2. Protein is important! Have protein at each meal for a brain boost.
  3. Double up on exercise and connecting.  Take a walk with a friend or go to a yoga class. Exercise, talking, laughing and processing information all work well together.

Learning about ADHD

  1. Check out ADDitudemag.com for webinars, podcasts, blogs and other easy to access information.
  2. Read and comment on  your favorite blog posts.
  3. Join a Facebook Closed ADHD group.
  4. Join a local support group such as ADDA-SR.  Check out their website at ADDA-SR.org.


Just choose one tip that can make a difference for you today, this week or this month. A single tip is the best first step to living a successful life with ADHD.


More tips here!  Check out these 15 ADHD tips!

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