2018 Word of the Year: Possibilities



Each year I choose a word as my reference for what my intentions are.  Other’s choose SMART goals or consistent habits.  It’s a guide that has been my stead for some time.  The guide word, also known as your one word or your word of the year, is catching on as a way to create change in your life.


This year my word is possibilities 

I am inspired by my clients who think about possibiltities.  What is possible this year? What can be a possibility that I should think about as I work or play?  What would be the options if there were fewer or no limits?


I chose my word possibilities as I thought of entering a new decade.  (Yes, this year my age ends in a 0.)  As a professional organizer and productivity consultant, I am a believer in limits, guides, structure and all that is established and set. This limit setting is intrinsic to every fiber in me. It’s who I am.   It came to mind that perhaps I have this year an opportunity to take ideas further by opening myself to possibilities.


What’s your new year beginnings?

I’d love to know your new year goals, new habits or word of the year!

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    My family was just discussing what our words might be for 2018. It is a fun tradition and definitely is simple enough to carry throughout the year. I am still deciding on my own word. Possibilities is a wonderful choice!

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I love your word of the year, Ellen! “Possibilities” is a great framework to go forward (especially as you enter a new decade!) Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone and for approaching it with such openness and grace.

    My word for the year is “gratitude.” It’s something make a point of thinking about each day. I’m not sure how it will color my year, I know that focusing on this will be a positive force in the days to come.

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