Holiday Organizing: 5 ADHD Holiday Tips


ADD and ADHD holiday tips

Shiny! Glittery! Oooo ahh! The holidays are filled with fun and frenzy.  The holidays can be overwhelming!  Follow these five ADHD holiday tips to help you have a very merry holiday!



holiday calendar for time management

holiday calendar

 Holiday family calendar

Make a list of your family’s priorities for the holiday season.  Add these to your family calendar to guard that time together.

holiday to do list and notebook

Holiday To Do List

Holiday notebook

Keep your holiday thoughts together in one spot.  A holiday binder, spiral or online tool like Evernote keeps all your ideas, wishes, and details together.  No more searching for scraps of paper.

holiday gift list and gift giving

holiday gift giving

 Holiday gift list

Create a list of gift recipients and your purchases. You can use a smart phone app like Notes or keep your list in your holiday notebook.  Think about clutter free gifts that include experiences.


holiday decorating and organizing

holiday decoration and organization

 Holiday decorations

Gather your team (of family, friends or “teens you rent from church’) to help you decorate. Set up a time line on your calendar for when you want to start and when you want to finish.

holiday time management

holiday spirits

 Holiday Spirit

Keep up your holiday spirits with lots of rest and nourishment.  Carrots make reindeer fly and your veggies will help you too!




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4 replies
  1. Julie Janorschke
    Julie Janorschke says:

    Another great blog, Ellen! Making a list of priorities for the holiday season is so important to keep us on track.

  2. Andrea Sharb
    Andrea Sharb says:

    Ellen, I especially appreciate the suggestion to set up a start and finish time for decorating.

    In past years I’ve sometimes let the process go on for days and days. My cleaning person and I were in fact joking just the other day about the year when she had to clean around the boxes of ornaments sitting in the living room for a couple of weeks because I just couldn’t get around to decorating the tree, though the rest of the house was decorated. (I’ve written a number of blog postings around my tree decorating challenges.)

    This year, I gave myself one day to decorate the house – took about 6 hours and 2 days to complete decorating the tree . I also set up accountability around tree decorating, accomplishing 75% of the task one morning while my cleaning person was at my house. I even requested that if she saw me wandering off to do other “more interesting things” she remind me about my prime objective of decorating the tree. It worked great!

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