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Last weekend I attended Blog Elevated, an event hosted in Houston to build a blogging community and teach skills about blogging.

I started blogging in May 2009.   As a professional organizer, I think “organized” about my work, my marketing and my blog.  I searched for a blogging conference to learn more about how to make my efforts more effective and efficient, because you know…. I am an organizer.  Attending BlogElevated last weekend was an amazing opportunity to learn about this craft and connect to local bloggers. I want to share 5 tips I learned at BE (BlogElevated) about blogging.

1. BE statistical.  One of my top goals was to learn more about my most valuable posts. I wanted to know which posts are read most frequently.  I wanted to learn about statistics for me to decipher what was most important to my readers.  Attending a session about google analytics hit home for me.  It was a line by line tour of what to look for and where to find information I wanted.  Knowing how to guage my metrics will help me focus.


2. BE consistent.  One of my strengths has always been to work in a methodical manner, posting consistently on the same day of the week, writing high quality material consistently, and consistently seeking way to engage with my readers.  The value of consistency is that your followers look for this and start to crave their consistent interactions with you.  What a great affirmation for me!


3. BE a team player.  BlogElevated stressed the importance of sharing with each other, teaching each other, helping each other and networking with each other.  From Google+ sessions to SEO links, speakers addressed the importance of being there for each other through social media interactions, linking with guest posts and finding ways to help each other.  A community where we are all supporting each other with our strengths is the best kind place to BE!


4.  BE inspired.  It is about the vision you are creating for yourself and for others. You can be inspired to share ideas with others like Cool Asian Hair. You can be an inspiration to others like Chookooloonks.  Sharing your vision may not take you directly to where you want to go, but it will make for an amazing journey in any case.  Enjoy the ride, whether success or not so much.


5. BE yourself.  Have your own voice and be the authentic you.  This thought is empowering!  What we each share rings through our voices in our writing, brands you when you want to work with companies, and propels you forward as  you share your blog through social media.  There is nothing more valuable to me.

I look forward to staying connect with #BlogElevated through the Thursday night twitter chats. Join us at 9 pm central!


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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Ellen- This sounds like an incredible conference and that you got a lot of great takeaways. Well I can say from personal experience that you get an A+++ for #3. You are a great team player and sharer.

    Thanks for the great summary and ideas. As I’m newish to the blogging world (end of 2009,) I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to improve. Your post is so helpful.

  2. Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay says:

    I totally agree with Linda!

    I’m also committed to a regular schedule. I don’t know if our readers are even aware of it (do you know what day I blog?) but it helps me to keep on track. Some weeks I feel like I have TONS to say, but saving it for another time makes a lot more sense than posting several times one week, then nothing for the next few.

  3. kelli
    kelli says:

    Ellen, what a fabulous wrap up post. It’s nice to learn even more from recap posts after the conference! Sorry we didn’t get to meet.

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