5 Tips for An Organized Road Trip

5 tips for an organized car trip


This summer families are taking to the road in record numbers. Great road trips start with preparation, planning and organization. Here are tips for your best family road trip together.


Have more than a road map

Years ago all that was needed for a road trip was a map. While there are a lot of amenities on the road, don’t leave things to chance. Scope out your trip day by day with the help of AAA or RoadTrippers app. Update your hotel apps for your favorite resting places so you are ready to pivot in case you are not as far along as you planned. Make hotel reservations before you leave home for each stop along the way.


Check the weather

Weather changes have increasingly impacted our travel. Check what the weather will be during your travel time. In case of emergency, know what to do in case of hail or severe weather while driving. If you are driving long distance, this can be especially important.


Make your car travel friendly

Travel friendly care trips include easy to access drinks, food, toys, chargers, lots of blankets and multiple pillows. Have your kids use their airpods so everyone can listen to their own music. Download games, music and other fun before you leave. Choose a family audiobook for everyone to listen. Bring along new favorites like a rubik’s cube or MadLibs to play together. Rotate seats to keep everyone cheery and entertained.


Packing for intermittent stops

Pack a carry on bag for those stops along the route before your destination. A large tote can carry all your toiletries, medicines and an extra set of clothes. This way you are not unpacking all your luggage for this stop.

Find common ground on travel strategies.

Talk with your family about how to travel. Some families leave extra early to get on the road and have kids sleep along the route. Some families take frequent bathroom breaks  and some stop for fun along the way. Talk with your family about what will work best for you all.  Always agree to stop before it’s too late and everyone is too cranky.


Family road trips are memories that will long be remembered!


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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I love road trips and summer travel! I have such fond memories of taking road trips with our kids. It was always special, and they were excellent travelers. We packed plenty of games and things to keep them occupied. But we also spent a lot of time playing road games together as a family. Taking breaks, having snacks, and comfy travel clothes were also helpful.

    And they loved when we took long trips and left at night. They’d travel in their PJS, we’d drive through the night, and then when daylight came, we’d stop for breakfast.

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