5 Tried and True Techniques for Productivity



When we have tried and true tools and techniques, we trust these won’t fail us.  When it’s crunch time it’s easier to be more productive.   There are so many different tools, tips and remixes for each of us to use.  I have learned to trust these 5 techniques for making sure I am efficient and effective, especially when it’s down to the wire.


I always trust my planner

My first instinct as an organizer is to run to my planner and write stuff down.  In just seconds I won’t remember an appointment, a task for a client, or to return a call.  Writing stuff down means I don’t have to remember it and I can trust my planner with all dates and details.


I rely on percolation time.

I have learned that working on projects when they are broken down into smaller units works for me.  I think and work hard for an hour, then I leave the project for a few days. In the days between, I have new thoughts and additional energy.  The time between the work periods is what I call percolation time. It’s the time things “percolate” to the top. I can continue and complete the project feeling I have done my best.

I do my best work early in the day.

You’re either a morning person or an evening person.  For me my best work is done earliest in the day. Thoughts flow easily and content comes together.  I take a walk-run early and then head immediately into work time.  Do you know when is your best work time?


I start each day with a list and knowing my 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs)

Without my Maps app, I won’t be heading anywhere in my car. Without my 3 MITs, I am not heading in the right direction either.  My Most Important Tasks usually revolve around calendar (Note: it was first on this list) and client responsiveness.  Know your goals and set these up for success by prioritizing the day’s tasks.


I love and trust routine and use it wisely.

If you looked in my planner, you could easily see my daily routine.  Client appointments are scheduled in 3 hour units, parallel times each day.  I especially love my bedtime routine.   I am a person of great routines and consistency.  Each of us has some routine already existing. It’s in adding in what will benefit you, rather than rein you in, that routines do us the most good.



What are your tried and true tricks for productivity?


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  1. Harsh T
    Harsh T says:

    I have always tried my best while following a routine. But with the content and value, you have provided under this article is something I would want to follow particularly. Thank you so much for this. 🙂

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