6 Summer Organizing Strategies


summer organizing

 Summer time fun begins with being organized!


Summer organizing

 Gather your family together and get all the dates on your family calendar. 

summer organizing

Be sure everyone is charged up to go!  Keep all the technology charged in a public spot so everyone gets a great night’s rest. 

Load up your ipod with summer tunes and your Nook, Kindle or ipad with great summer reads. 

Add kid friendly books too to encourage summer reading. 

summer organizing

Pack a summer bag for each activity and for extra car time for your kids. 

Checklists for travel make packing easier too! 

summer organizing

Set up a healthy, organized snack station with kid friendly stuff.  

It will be easy for everyone to grab a snack whenever they want to and you will be sure you and your kids are keeping on track with fruits and hydration. 

summer organizing

Keep a cooler for water in your car or in case you need to drop by the grocery. 

summer organizing

Treat yourself to some fun summer flip flops as a reward for your organizing efforts. 

Summer is more fun with preparation and organization. 

What will you be organizing this summer? 

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  1. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    Wonderful list, Ellen! A little amount of prep keeps things fun and light. This summer I’ll be organizing my new desk area. I’m so excited. Steve has designed my workspace in MY colors. Can you guess what that might be? I can’t wait to get all set up.

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