7 Tips for Organizing Your Garage this Spring

garage organizing

With spring in full force and even warmer weather on the way, now is the time to tackle the garage. Organizing the garage can be a daunting task, but you’ll thank yourself later when your garage is clean and organized and you can easily find gardening tools, bikes, and other items you use in warmer weather.  Organizing your garage can be easy with these 7 tips from Garage Systems LLC.

1. Make a Game Plan: Planning ahead makes most tasks easier. Write down what you want to accomplish in the garage and how you plan to accomplish it. What are my goals? How will things be stored? Will I use boxes or bins? Where will things be stored? Will I need to invest in a storage system?

2. Enlist Help: Don’t do it alone. Unless you feel you can tackle the entire garage by yourself, enlist the help of another person. They can help you move large and heavy items around, help you decide what to keep or toss, and offer up other perspectives on how to best store and organize things.

3. Move Everything Out: Move everything out of the garage and give it a really good, clean sweep.

4. Sort & Toss: Deciding what to keep and what to toss is usually the most difficult part. Items that haven’t been used in the last few years and have no foreseeable use should go. Make a keep, donate, and toss pile. Since it’s the beginning of garage sale season, consider making a garage sale pile if that is something you’d like to do.

5: Categorize: Once you’re left with your “keep” pile items, it’s time to group like items together. Some typical garage storage categories include:

Yard tools

Power tools & small tools

Automotive tools

Holiday decorations

Sports gear

Children’s outdoor toys

6. How to Store it: Use clear bins or label colored bins to store less frequently used items. This makes identification of contents easy and plastic pins protect your items better than cardboard boxes. Plastic bins are more stable than cardboard boxes are sturdier for better stacking.

7. Where to Store it: Give thought to where each category should be stored. More frequently used items should be stored in a visible area and within easy reach. Less frequently used and seasonal items should be stored out of the way.

Instead of stacking bins and other items on the floor in the corner, take advantage of the vertical space your garage has to offer. Use wall and ceiling space to store everything up high. Sturdy shelves, hooks, and ceiling racks are great for storing and hanging everything up off the floor, creating a clean, organized look and opening up floor space.

Garage Systems LLC is a garage storage and organization company serving the Greater Houston area with storage solutions and tips for an organized garage.

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  1. Tiffany Lynn Lepp
    Tiffany Lynn Lepp says:


    When I organized my garage I spent a great deal of time on step #1. I took measurements of my garage, purchased the shelving and hooks, and drew a diagram of what would go where.

    I was tired by the time I had everything pulled out to the driveway and was thankful I spent so much time on step #1. It made it so much easier to put everything away.

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