Back to School Routines for Empty Nesters

Back to School Tips for Empty Nesters

As much as we love Summer, Back to School is the time we all use to reset whether we have school age kids or not. We all need a little structure and that comes from establishing routines for self care and priorities. Our self care and priorities are part of the big picture of purpose and meaning. Back to School can be a time of reflecting, learning and boundary setting.


Resetting Self Care

Summer might have meant more fast food dining. It could have been too hot for outside exercise. AND maybe you have been staying up much later because it is light so late into the evening. Resetting your priorities is often resetting your self care. Take baby steps to get back to your daily routines of hydration, exercise and nutrition. First, reset your bedtime to mirror what is best for work from home or work in the office. If bedtime is a continuous struggle, look at your routines before bed.  Keep your self care goals easy to accomplish and link existing successful routines to other routines.


Reflecting on Priorities

Back to school time feels a lot like new year. It can be a time where we evaluate and update our priorities, balance and connections. Our work life integration is where we have a balance between our professional life and personal life. Set aside a few minutes of reflection time to create a vision of balance. Priorities result with a clear decision on how you want to spend your time after work and where you work. Resetting priorities gives us the opportunity to find meaning and connection in our lives. This is also a great time for an annual summit for you, your family and your business.


Back to life long learning

Life long learning and curiosity go together. There is no age limit on learning so let Back To School prompt you to begin learning something new. Reading, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube, taking a course are all ways we grow in knowledge. It is also how we thrive. Learning new skills slows cognitive aging. Now this is a good reason to continue life long learning of all types.


Resetting boundaries

The best part of Back To School is setting boundaries.  Remember in school when time in one class was 50 minutes. That was a great boundary for work in that content area. Boundaries add structure to your time and connections helping you adhere to your goals and priorities. If it is a struggle to set boundaries, know why you are setting a boundary to get the most benefit.


Back to School for Empty Nesters is an optimal time to create new opportunities, let go of what has not served you well, and get back to routines. Seize the opportunity to overhaul and create time for what is important to you.

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  1. Seana Turner
    Seana Turner says:

    I hear this one! Even though I haven’t had school-aged children around for years, I still think about life from a “school semester” perspective. Today was the first day for school in our town, and I found myself feeling both happy for those families and a little sad that I didn’t have a child to take to school today.

    But I agree that there can be a “freshness” to a school year, at any age. Lots of programs start up when school starts, and it is a perfect time to finally pursue any project that you might have been avoiding. I know I have lots of clients in September, and not only with parents of little ones!

  2. Linda Samuels
    Linda Samuels says:

    I’m an experienced empty nester, but I remember when I entered that stage. Mostly, I remember needed lots of time and space to feel and adjust to this new way of being. One of the first things Steve and I did was take a trip for just us. We dropped our youngest off at college and, within a few days, went away. I didn’t want to be in the empty house because it made me sad. Little by little, the sadness lifted, and I started to embrace this new chapter. The silver lining was that I had a lot more time to think and reflect.

  3. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    Transitions are difficult. Giving yourself time to process by being in a new space gave you that opportunity. And now we support those who are in this transition.

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