Being Resilient

We live in a crazy world!  Difficult times come and go and we need ways to handle the stress.  Learning to navigate these tough periods can make all the difference. Being resilient means we bend and bounce back.  Some people are naturally more resilient, but we can learn behaviors that help too!

Be optimistic. Having a sunny outlook helps us manage a crisis between.  Create a habit of positive, half full glass thinking by being grateful and appreciative of what you have.  

Be spiritual.  With a strong belief and a faith family connection, you are better equipt. 

Be playful. Enjoying experiences, finding goofy fun at tough times, and laughing are all ways to get through a tough time. 

Be gracious. Be organized enough to be thoughtful of others. 

Give back.  The benefit of nurturing others is great.  Find a cause you are passionate about and commit to participating in it.   

Stay connected.  Resiliency depends on relying on others too! We need partners to match our strengths and weaknesses.  Recruit resources to help you move forward in all you are doing.

We are all learning resiliency in our current times.  What steps are you taking ?

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