Easy Ways to Organize your Recycling


organize recycling

With the best of intentions, it’s easy to get stuck when you are recycling.  All of my clients recycle paper, plastic, glass and cardboard.  They have one step of recycling all set, but other steps can foil their best intentions.  Think about easy ways to organize your recycling in order to make recycling happen.

First off, it’s important to know what to recycle!  Here are some ideas thanks to Earth911.  Did you know that pizza boxes can’t be recycled because of grease?  Check out what can and can’t be recycled.

Let’s make recycling super easy!


Easy to access products

Easy ways to organize your recycling

Photo compliments of the Container Store

Make recycling easy with these stack-able totes. These totes can be placed just outside your back door to drop items in after rinsing.  Generously sized, you can recycle a lot and then carry these to the curb or your car to complete this job.

 Easy to drop off locations

easy ways to organize your recycling

Schools often have paper and cardboard recycling.  Drive by and drop off paper once a week.  Best Buy has drop off for electronics.  In Houston we have Drop off Houston, a free take-back program for electronics at over 30 locations city-wide.  This includes televisions,fax machines, hard drives. computer monitors, DVD players and computers.



Easy to remember

recycling and team work

Set a reminder in your smartphone, write in red on  your calendar, or add a note to your kid’s chore chart to keep your recycling routine going.  It’s up to everyone in your family to help make recycling happen.

When I was growing up, my dad and brother would recycle newspaper once a month together. It was a great way to share the responsibility and to talk about what is important. Set up team work in your family to make recycling a priority and a family value.  It also lessens the load when you share the responsibility with many family members.

I love that our city is focusing on recycling in all ways.  Easy, convenient recycling is available in Houston and Kingwood.

I want to also thank Keep Kingwood Green for their local initiatives too!

How can you make organizing happen at your home or business?


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