Going Paperless: Eliminating paper





Have you decided that there is too much paper in your home or office?  Thinking about making a small change with paper in your home or office?

According to a survey by Esselte, “88% of those responding felt that technology has helped them get organized.”

Are you thinking about going paperless?  There are several small steps you can start.   Eliminating paper that comes into your home or office is a great first step.  Transitioning paper immediately into a digital format is a small step in eliminating paper too.


Eliminate catalogs with www.catalogchoice.org

  • Create a free account and select the catalogs you receive.
  • Manage unwanted mail, phone books, and more
  • Decline catalog mailings when you shop online


Eliminate manuals and instructions

  • Find information online by product name and appliance number
  • Check on youtube.com for a video
  • Scan instructions and save to Neat cloud (sponsored link)
  • Check out www.homezada.com for maintenance checklists

Eliminate paper with online accounts

  • Set up an account with your health care provider for online access to your explanation of benefits from your medical insurance.
  • Set up online banking for your checking, savings and investment accounts.  Save the PDF version in a Banking (by year) folder.


 Eliminate scraps of paper

  • Are there lots of post it notes, backs of envelopes and other bits of paper around?
  • Set up an Evernote account to record these.
  • You can even take a picture of the paper and tag it in Evernote.


Going paperless does not happen overnight. But with small, consistent strategies and tools you can have less and less paper!



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